This week, in response to my prayers, I received and
messages about the mechanics of how our reoccurring thoughts manifest
into reality. This is so exciting, because the angels showed both the
energetic basis AND the solution for reoccurring negative patterns!

Any negative pattern that you’ve experienced
consists of
Individual thoughts that look like little vibrating microscopic globes,
like the nuclei of atoms. These atoms are right next to your body, each
connected by a magnetic bond to you. The bond is your attachment to the
you hold about yourself, your life, and your patterns. ANY
reoccurring pattern you’ve experienced in your life is a result of these
atom-like globes around your body.

The angels showed me that
the universal energies are like a blanket of clean snow. Snow falls
equally everywhere that it lands, yet it takes on shape and form based
upon the landscape upon which it falls. So if snow falls upon a rocky
terrain, then that’s the shape that the snow will appear if snow falls
upon a smooth landscape, then the blanket of snow will appear smooth. In
other words, the universal energies are neutral, and they only take on
form according to the energy which surrounds YOU. And the great news is
that you get to decide which energy surrounds you.

So it’s
important for us to have a smooth surface upon which the universal
energies can land. The angels showed me how they can help to remove
rocky patterns from your life’s landscape!

The healing
Archangel Raphael’s emerald green healing energy can dissolve and loosen
the bonds of the negative patterns’ atoms. Please take a moment to
center yourself with breath, and then say this aloud or silently:

"Archangel Raphael, please surround me with your healing light,
dissolving all bonds to fear-based thought patterns. Please all of
my former fears away."

You’ll likely feel sensations as the
green light dissolves and washes away the old thought from your
body. Afterward, you’ll feel and freer, which is the basis of
inner peace and health.