How necessary is it to you to take everything seriously? What if
you didn’t take to heart every instance of perceived rudeness? May I
suggest that you be more considerate of another person even when they
are rude?

You must think that something is at stake in your life
that you insist upon every consideration you are entitled to. You may be
absolutely right that another person needs to be more considerate of
you. When this is the case, will you then be extra considerate of the
other person even when he wasn’t considerate of you? When consideration
is lacking, perhaps this is time for you to be the most courteous of
all. If you want to give the other person a lesson, there is no better
way than by example.

If another person literally steps on your
toes and does not say, “ me,” then you say it. You say, “
me,” and say it with a smile. If someone borrows something of yours
without asking you, perhaps you can say, “What else can I offer you?”
Think a moment of the difference in the two scripts, one with a retort
and one with extreme courtesy. Do you really want to follow a script of
taking offense and being equally rude or would you like to be a pioneer
who offers a generous heart?

Perhaps you are dealing with life as
you have always dealt with life. Perhaps now is the time to find new
alternatives, ways that do not cut between you and the other person.
Perhaps you are really seeing someone else than the person in front of
you, someone perhaps from the past that you had to defend yourself from.
Do you really have to defend yourself from this person across from you
who was thoughtless for a and space?

And if the
other person does not respond genially to you, what have you lost? You
presented an opportunity for harmony. What matters most is your response
to life and not another’s. Think of it. You rose above a situation. You
did not respond in kind. You responded as a true lady or gentleman.
There is a lot to be said for manners. True courtesy never goes out of

If you want to be more than ordinary, then you will be
creative and original. You will be novel. Your responses will be
unexpected. You will be a delightful surprise, perhaps even to yourself.

Today is a new day, and you can be new. You can come from a
different place. You can be agreeable rather than disagreeable. I think
you would like to be. I think you would like to be gracious and uplift
the world. I know you would. I know you would like to be the of
the pack, and that calls for your being a shining light on Earth. You
break the mold. You smoke a peace pipe. You turn life around. You are a
in life. You are a master and inspirer of good action.
No longer do you react in the same way you are treated. You have become
a cut above.

There is no merit in tit for tat. No merit unless
someone has been wonderful to you, and you respond in kind.

someone’s words or actions are less than exemplary, all the more reason
for your words and actions to be generous. I will go so far as to say
divine. Take all the good will that is in Heaven and make use of it on
Earth. This I ask of you. This I ask.

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