We all know Bashar, love him even, and have heard him emphasize time and time again the concept of ‘Going after your Highest Excitement’. Put like that, and with his enthousiasm, one would think it is an absolute joy to be doing so. But this week I discovered an entirely new aspect of it….

Currently on vacation, right in my home town, because I consider traveling to vacation nothing but an added source of stress, with all the packing and arranging, I found that my surroundings seemed somewhat lacking of excitement: no work, no , even minimal reactions onsite. I remembered Bashar’s words, but somehow it felt like my highest excitement had met with the terminating condition of "Everything done about it, and now we wait". Heck, the novel’s finished, it’s up to the publisher now to turn it into real live books, no?

But Bashar is very outspoken about that: if your Highest Excitement reaches that point, switch to the next one on the list. Stay with it! My problem was that my Highest Excitement was so darn high, that anything next meant descending way down. What can I say? I don’t have huge lists of stuff to wish for, because most of the odd moments I actually am happy, despite the occasional outbursts of my lower self. So basically, looking for something to alleviate the couch hanging syndrome, I actually kept the kitchen tidied up every day, and did other menial tasks, not because I like them, but simply because I couldn’t think of anything being a Higher Excitement than that, which also still requires action.

And if fact, it might just be exactly what I’m supposed to be doing: even though occassional messiness is OK for a single guy, it is not a preferred attribute most ladies appreciate in a partner. Heck, I wouldn’t even consider it a desirable trait for me, and I’m a guy! So what they say about having to become what you wish in your life seems to be weirdly appropriate here. 

Actually, even though I’ve noticed it before, I’m beginning to appreciate the moments with Source during these seemingly useless efforts to fight off chaos.  Notice how soon new dirty dishes and glasses accumulate on the kitchen counter the moment you finish doing the dishes? It’s like they’re waiting in the woodworks, ready to crawl onto the counter, the moment you pull the plug on the sink to let the vortex of water carry out the filth….

Rather than seeing them as a prelude to yet another dishwashing session, try to see them as byproducts of that delicious meal you shared with your loved ones. In order to dutifully fulfil that duty next time, the dishes would prefer to be their best…. And then, it suddenly becomes much more of an excitement.

Speaking of excitement: my oven just spewed out two delicious Apfelstrudels, ready to be consumed by a certain webmaster and his youngest daughter. Doesn’t matter if she’s not assisting in the cleanup duty that doubtlessly follows after this, because it will be an honor to perform it, right after the delight of hot Apfelstrudel… Now there’s a High Excitement for you!

Love it All!