This afternoon I had the atypical experience of having to spend about an hour at a bar with a few other guys, while my ex -in-law was running an errand. I actually needed to speak to him, but had to wait for him to arrive. Obviously, with three guys and no ladies around, the conversation immediately swung around to that topic: how to land the perfect mate….

My barhangers were obviously the more experienced duo, compared to li’l old me. That at least was obvious from the way in which between them they had neatly categorized and boxed all possible candidates. Listening to them, I more and more got the impression that their tactics was more one of hard and fast rules, like their opinion that when ladies say ‘No’, they actually mean ‘Yes, take me!’

And the way they categorized the candidates, it wasn’t hard for me to deduce that ‘None of the Above’ would have to be the only correct answer in my case: Whoever I will eventually have the honor of calling ‘mine’ (unlucky term, since no ownership is appropriate), will definitely not fit into any of the boxes that these gentlemen wielded so readily. 

Also, they very much leaned on generalisations, according to whatever nationality the lady in question was. Must be hard for a lady to fit into their view, if like me she considers herself a being first, and human or citizen later. 

Anyway, lucky I’m no virgin anymore, because if I had to play the game by their rules, I’d gladly die  one. It was so totally reduced to action / reaction, that I wonder if their minds or even played any role in their conquests….

And if I had to let either of those out of the equation, then any lady I could possibly land that way wouldn’t be the right one in the first place!

Love to Love,