Based on what I’m seeing around me, things can’t be all that bad. I for one love to help, but get dealt only occassional to do so. Nope, I’m in no way swamped with calls for assistance, in none of my fields of talent. Now if things were really as bad as the media make them out to be, I should be called to service left, right and center, 24/7. But I’m not….

And not only does that mean things are better than I generally anticipated, but also it means that this system must have a built-in failsafe against overloading any of its parts! Sure, we’d all love to be busy with our Highest , constantly even, but the calmth of being commonly experienced suggests that there is a far more relaxed force at work. Something that knows it is perfectly skilled for the job at hand, equipped with parts that are equally designed to do their part, even if not all of them are perfectly aware of their . Somehow, it is like there is an all-knowing author at work, not stressed by the constraints of having a finished on time, simply because her readers are all looking over her shoulder to gobble up the latest developments as they arise.

But where does she get her ? Could it be she is seeing through our eyes, continously adapting the script so we see what it is we want to see? Or need to see? Having all the knowledge certainly would make plot development a lot easier. But still it would be a tremendous challenge, if it weren’t for the law of large numbers: Just like people take out insurance on things, so the individual impact of non-optimal happenings gets diminished, something similar will most likely exist on the higher levels. But it’s not an insurance you pay with money. This one is based on trust! 

And that’s a hard one, because humans don’t trust that easily. Well, in limited scopes they do, having been reinforced by past happenings, or by expectations of the future. But trusting the All to provide for everything they could ever want for? Surely that is a large order! But in the end, I’m sure that such is required to make that final transition: Seeing the implications of your choices, and then against all common sense, be able to make that jump! Still working on it, I can tell you that!

Just Do It!