Posted: 13 Jul 2010 01:28 PM PDT

Channeled by for Life

Dear Ones,

We wish for you to know that joy is not regulated to those big AHAS
you now look for to proclaim to yourself and others that you are moving
into or have moved into .

The joy of the is not about streamers and glitter. It is a
sense of well-being, an absence of if you will.

You have probably assumed that the New Age would produce a joyful
chaos to replace your current chaos. Nothing could be further from the

Chaos is not peaceful and thus it cannot be joy – at least New Age
joy. You have so attuned yourself to chaos that you have difficulties
understanding how chaos will no longer be part of your life.

Are you not comfortable rushing around with tasks, even joyful tasks,
that need to be completed before you can move into your next chaotic
adventure? A wedding is touted to be a joyful event. Yet most often, the
bride, the groom and their families become enmeshed in thousands of
details that produce little other than anger, pain and fear.

Joy is not about racing around completing this task and that task
with the hope that the end result will produce joy. Joy, like the New
Age, is about moving easily into a place of contentment. More like
watching a new puppy play, than fearing that your infant will become ill
when exploring a potentially dirty floor.

Perhaps you wondering what we are speaking of for you feel that you
are filled with joy throughout your day. We beg to differ. Place start
jotting down the times your joy is tinged with fear.

Joy and fear are not compatible – a concept you have accepted
intellectually, but most likely not emotionally. Study your actions and
your feelings – and you will understand that you do not yet accept the
joy of which we are speaking.

This New Age transition is not necessarily easy. You have read in the
past few weeks from numerous sources that you are releasing many issues
from past and current lives – that you are creating a clean historical

Now you need to start filling that slate with new actions and
attributes. Not the least, or the most easy, of which is how to live in
and accept joy.  Not the joy tinged with fear, anger and pain you have
accepted for eons. But true joy that requires no clarification, no
reductions of ”just in case” and certainly not joy clouded with thoughts
of “when will the other shoe drop?”

Do you suppose a new-born limits her joy of being fed with fears that
she better enjoy this meal for it might be her last? Do you suppose
that a toddler giggles at your silly antics with fears that she will be
abandoned? Of course not. Infants and toddlers experience joy with
expectations that joy will continue or that a better joy will be
available any time she feel like experiencing it.

It is time to think and act like a child in so many ways. Not the
least of which is to experience joy without past fears.

Your joy is no longer limited by what others think, what could happen
or memories of past traumas. That part of your life and being is over.
Please allow that thought to process for a bit. It is an extremely
important concept for you to accept…and expect.

It is time to proclaim to yourself and others that fear is of the
past. Walk into the New Age with your head held high and expectations of
pure joy, rather than fears of the past. The past is no more.

But then, the future cannot be – at least as we have long proclaimed –
if you are unwilling to let go of your fears and allow joy, true joy to
permeate your being. Let the sunshine in! So be it. Amen.

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