When I speak, I speak of beauty with .

My thoughts pure… Love, the wind they ride into the Great Unknown,
to return…

The Beauty of which I speak.

Action borne of consciousness from still, clear waters run forth from me.
I am the Breath of the Universe cleansing my skin,
Ever-changing…  Announced with  the timbre of cicadas… incessant, at times, non-stop… Life.

The perfect moment…  Gurgling falls plunging into vast waters, replete with Lotus petals,
Delicious vanilla white ice cream cones on stalks of green.

To possess the flower with any of the senses alludes to the dominant, but to soften and bethe lotus brings relief.

Little Hawk
Scottsdale, AZ July 26, 2010

I carry this moment as a touchstone in my meditations, using it to quickly return to higher .  In the communion with the moment the Love springs forth, the well is deep and pure and available to all.  Reach for it always and let it guide the way to .

Our work, our Love is making a difference in the world today. Notice right now, the juxtaposition of feelings between past and present or present and future… Where is your power? Where is the joy? Where is the Love strongest? Open your heart and breathe it in. Be Love in the moment everlasting…

Love and Kindness…


the Buffalo Diaries