Messages for Mankind -The Crown of the Universe

Channeler: Samantha von Daniken-The Magicians Daughter
25th June 2010 Illnau Switzeralnd
It is apparent that Different parts of the Body
Relate to Different Countries and Different Sounds
I have the Dalai Lama in on the Right Side of my Head
The Left side is Thailand
I also have England on my Forehead
I have now got Thousands of Horsemen with riding In Now
Black Elk, The Warrior Nation
It is the Indians that are coming in Now
Getting ready for Battle
The Tomahawk, the Eye of the Hawk, the Buffalo Men
The Blue Kachina
The Star Light Spirals shining Down from the Heavens Now
The Great Gathering but also the Great Move 
Moving to Higher Places
Moving North
The Elders channeling again The Maps of Safety
Sitting in Circles and Praying to the Wisest Ones
The Blue Eagle
The Great White Eagle
The Eye of the Indian Art
The Elephant Tusk
The Rhino Horn, the Unicorn
The Eye of the Toad and the Snake
Kneel in Prayer
Place your Head on the Floor
And See what is Beneath
What Lies Beneath
You will see that you will Find
That you can see in all Dimensions
When you are in this Pose and Position
This is the all Seeing Eye
Alternatively the Golden Triangle
Will be the Window to the World, the Lookout
The Deer Catchers Den in the Forest
The Threshers Hideout
To Become an Illumined One
And to See
Focus your Vision at the End of your Nose
And just Look Offset
Clear the Back of your Head and Neck
Sleep with the Crystal Quartz
Under your Pillow for 7 Days and Amethyst
Lay a Moldavite on your Forehead
This will Magnetize the
After many years there is Calc
And the Operating System is not Working
Therefore we need Calgon to Clear the Decks
And the Area within It 
And we Require for the Works of Visibility and Clarification
To Look to See to be Seen
The Silent Eye surveying All the Scenes
Eyes in the Back of your Head
True Words for Mothers
As they their Children they just Know
The Elders
I have Nephetiti here
Bringing the Necklace of Gold and Amber
Use the Amber to Scent the Room
The Totem Pole is the Cross-of the Indians
It is the Scales of the Imposition
It is the Family Tree of the Sioux and Cherokee
The Black Eyed Peas and the Black and White Pinto
The Horse of the Wild the Bareback Rider
The Untamed and the Unnamed
We Cannot go to War with Our Bows and Arrows
We have no Tools to Fight this War
This is a War of Total destruction
One Order and One Command
And there will be Total Annihilation
This is the War of the Worlds
And the Battle of Britain Brittainised
The Kamikaze Pilots
The Suicide Bombers
The Death Pact
The Undercover Operation
The CIA and The AIC
The M5 and The MI5
The Police Squadron
The Army Base
The Military Headquarters
The Doctors Orders
The Depopulation Programme
Investment into the Free Air
And Future Lungs of the Planet
The Gradual Elimination
Ask Mother Earth to Destroy her People
To Shake them from her Boughs
To Rattle and Roll and
To Perform the Catastrophic Events occurring Each Day
Seismic Calendars
Heart Attacks and Earth Quakes
Strokes of Paralysis
Earth Shudders
The Rivers Suffocating
The Elements of the Waterfall
The Waterways gathering their Resources
Running and Hiding
Unable to Cope
Not sure of any Answer to the Riddle
And to the Many Questions
No Plans No Hope
All effort Wasted
All Attempts Overdriven and Overridden
The Faeries and the Elves retreating Back to the Woodlands
and the Depths of the Forests
The Sprites and the Nymphs
Also Operating their own Strategic Plan of Evacuation
Chaos and Confusion
In Merlins Domain
Polishing his Crystal Ball to See
What Magic can be from the Archives of Gandolph
The Gathering of the Witches and the Wizards
The Coming Together of the Clans
The Warrior Races Armed Depleted
Where is the Leader?
What Can We Do
in Circles
The Lady of the Lake bringing the Calm
Spreading Calm and Peace and Understanding
The Flow in the Momentum of the Day
As each Day Unfolds Another move is Made
And We are Turned on our Heads again
Upside Down and Inside Out
And so as they all sit in their Councils
Discussing the Rotary Plan
The Consensus of Unity to stop these Matters
To Unite in the One Force and the Flow
An Outcome will be Heard
And Announce by the Knight of the Black Heart
He will Come and Deliver the Outcome
And the Seal of Solomnetity
Upon the Inner Kingdoms of the Earth
It wont be Long Maybe a Week
Simply to Let you Know
The Progress that is Being Made
And that we are by Your Side
Although it seems Ambiguous
We need the Strength of the Silver Horseman Robert the Bruce
To Fight and Conquer to Rule and Guide
Our Men and Amen
I am Guinevere Lady of the Lake
The Beauty and the Beast
The Fairytale Goddess
The Muse of many Painters
The Aesthetic Foundation of Womanliness
Of Romantic Love of Beauty of Flowers and Trees
I am the Paint and the Painter
The Siren Underwater the Mermaid on the Rock
I am the Lorelei
I have the Sword of the Knight
It is in my Keeping the Sword of Wayland
The 7th Sword
This is for the Champion
The One with the True Heart
And the Love of the Kingdom and the Queen
And I As the Majesty
And the Ministry of Magnificent Men in Flying Machines
And on Horseback
Grant that this be used as the Champion of Champions
And who it is Is the Fairest Knight
The One who is the David of Goliath
The Strength of the Lion the Zionite
And so I give the Competition
To the Brave and Fearless
The Conquest and the Conquissidor
The Marchioness 
The Count and the Countess
The Duke and the Duchesse
I am the Beauty of All Women
The Scent of All Roses
The Colour of All Seasons
I am the Flower Gardens
And the Hanging Gardens of the Skies
The Flowers of Starflowers
The Trees of the Galaxy
I as the Eye of Eve
Picked the Apple from the Tree
And Committed the Fall of Man
And Now the Eternal Sin and Damnation
I will Pay My Price
For that Golden Apple of Lost Greed and Desire
I have Lived a Thousand Lives a Centuries
Have gone to Hell and Back
Have Crossed the Darkest Seas
Have been in the Fires of Hell and been Burnt to a Cinder
I have been the Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty
I have Lain Dormant as Death in my Coffin of Glass
Awaiting the Prince of Peace
To Come and Give me the Kiss of Life
Cut through the Thorn Hedge that has Grown around the Castle
In the Time of Waiting
And Now is the Time that the Fable will be Finished
The End is Near and so the Crown of the Universe will Pass
To the Champion of Champions and with this
We Wait for the Contestants to Arrive
For the Joust and the Jostling
The Proust and the Faust
The Shakespearian Mouse Among Men
We await the Man of All Men
The Leader of the Empire
The Empire Striking Back
The Star Trek
And the Labyrinth Key
So that the Matrix can be Unlocked permanently
There will be no more Netted Concourse or Attachment
Nothing to Capture and Nothing to Gain
The Freedom is Yours
Throw a Pebble in the Lake
And you will Find Me
Wish Wisely, Wish Well
From the Wishing Well of the Waters Deep