A while ago, both my daughters got young chihuahua’s, those cute little doffies which became the sign of spoilt rotten brats like the Paris girls. They named them DJ and Chibi, which in Japanese means ‘little One’. SinceMelanie is sleeping in today, DJ was roaming around the living, trying to find his comfort spot. That’s diffficult, because it always seems to shift: one moment it is by the open door, the next he is desirously looking upward towards the couch I’m sitting on. Yep, have to stay and babysit at least until my youngest daughter is awake….

DJ’s desire for Higher Ground though, does not mean he trusts just anyone to deliver it to him: he won’t let me pick him up to put him on the much coveted Higher Ground, and short of building him a stairway to heaven, there is not much I really can do to help, unless he allows me to.

That must kinda be how all the Ascended Masters and Extraterrestrial Brothers and Sisters are feeling: with their immense array of possible measures to be taken, it is still hard to find that one path that no Earth inhabitant would object to. Come to think of it, Infinite Parallel Universes is practically the only theory capable of reconciling that many wills, since even the most simple of us have in their lifetimes made conflicting wishes……

 And my Media Player drives it home with ‘Us and Them’ by Pink Floyd: