Coming home after a strenuous workout in tropical , I sat down to do moorelife as the phone rang. One of my ‘clients’, which I help with their computer problems on a voluntary . I’d love to say I do it to help them, but my motives are far less honourable: I do such things because for me it is easy, and it gives me the idea I’m being useful…..

A simple printer problem this time, quickly fixed through the help of the lady at, who allows me to see my clients desktops, with their permission of course. One happy friend across town, and one happy helper here at the Goethesingel. Can one ask for more? More people to help perhaps, so I’ll just repeat the offer here as well: if you have computer problems, no where you are (teamviewer works worldwide), it is always possible to on me. We may have to juggle timezones a bit, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

I guess the only problem would be my newly acquired netbook, who has a screen that’s just a might too small to properly run teamviewer on. But no doubt my sincere request for a solution there will soon enough bring me a secondhand TFT screen to to the netbook….

Love to Help,