Greetings to all. 

We come today to tell you of much that is about to occur.  We are seeing many of you very by  happenings on earth at this time.  What is happening is that you are evolving;  seeing and experiencing the clearing of old energies that must be cleared in order for the higher frequencies to manifest within you and Gaia. 

We say that you are about to see the coming of many from our side; evolved and beloved brothers  from many galactic nations who have been working for and with you for a long time.  Where do you think those  ideas come from when  scientists discover something ?  Often as not it is  evolved beings from this side who seed the consciousness of those scientists, doctors, teachers,  with the knowledge that they need to evolve their study.There are many who are trying to help the earth at this crucial  time,
yet those who would not have you awaken continue to instill you with
film, news, television, and stories promoting the idea that any  beings
except   humans of earth, are dangerous and evil.  This is not true dear
ones, it is a lie promoted to perpetuate your submission.  In the past
there were beings who indeed did not have your best interests at heart,
but they are no longer being to come  here as this is such a
powerful and critical time in the shifting energies of your evolutionary

We  tell you that your governments did know about and work with many of
these beings and their attained technologies are even now  being used by
your and the military in many ways that could actually help
the public, but are not being given to you.  We say that soon you will
become  aware of many of these things.  As this knowledge that has been
kept secret from you becomes known,  we say that you must be prepared; 
not go into shock so to .  We are now preparing you for the 
revelations that will soon come.   Be prepared to see your brothers from
other planets who have much to teach and help you with.  They are very
advanced and have technologies that you have not dreamed of except in
your science fiction  genre which is  actually based upon  true
knowledge and often remembered through dreams. 

We say to you dear ones, that it is time to awaken out of the slumber
that has kept you in darkness and duality for much too long.  It was not
meant that you stay forever in this darkened slumber.  Be open to the
new, be open to change, and be open to those new  ideas you begin to
become aware of.  Stop waving your flags shouting  "my right or
wrong, my country".  In ignorance you gave away your power and now it is
time to reclaim it.  Love your country and its constitution  but love
it wisely.  The constitution   was founded on very spiritual principles
given to the founding fathers by enlightened beings from this side. 
However, what you claim now as your constitution with  all its self
interpretations is not a reflection of the true essence of this
spiritual document as it was given and was  intended to be.  It has
been  much changed by those who under the guise of you , have
instead taken away your freedoms.

It is time to acknowledge your divine rights dear ones.  Time to stand
up and be free because you are Divine beings, not human beings. Stop
believing everything you are told and start to think for yourselves; 
always trusting your intuition and your inner guidance and not what 
puppet talking heads on your televisions read to you.

Take a break from watching, reading,  or listening to  news all the
time.  Begin to go within and study what is truth and what is real, 
then  watch the illusions of material sense dissolve and higher forms
manifest in the outer.  Mind forms your outer world from your
consciousness.  Ask yourselves; "What am I holding  in my
consciousness?" This is how the world will be changed and its wounds
healed; through  the light of those who create  from truth, light, and
unconditional love.

You are creators dear ones, and it is time to take responsibility for
that.  "What am I creating?", ask yourselves.  What am I creating?  The
time is long past for resting back in a sense of entitlement,  expecting
the government to make your living easy. This is how you lost your
power and  is not why YOU CHOSE to be here at this time.  Stand up and
be counted dear ones,  you are so much more than you realize.

We send you love always.  We are your brothers and sisters in the One I
am. This is the lesson, remember that.

Thank you Arcturian