Greetings, dear ones, I am of . There
would be those who would wonder about the consciousness of God, and how
is it that such a high-vibrating attribute could ever be presented in
3D. After all, is supposed to represent the consciousness
of God through a Human Being, so how can that be? And so we again tell
you that this is the puzzle of what you see happening now. Many Humans
come to this planet designed to be the spiritual translators of such an
event, and many are in the room now, and we know who they are.

It goes well beyond those who would channel, such as my partner is
doing right now. It also extends to those who call themselves "healers"
in this room, for they have the same task as the channeller or the
teacher, and that is translating a perceptual, metaphorical message
into something that is 3D and practical. The healer often stands before
that person who comes before them for help, and their intellect knows
less than half the story. The of their Higher-Self and the
that pours to them, which we call channelling, gives them the
rest of the picture. It tells them where to touch and what energies to
develop. It gives instructions whether to be soft or energetic. This is

The teacher stands before the piece of paper that is empty and asks, "What is next?"
And on the paper starts to flow the information for the next sermon –
and that’s channelling! The one who sits in the chair to meditate and
clears their mind accordingly does not give God a laundry list
of things that are wrong in their lives. Instead, the wise one knows
that God is always with them and knows all of the things that have
occurred in their lives before they sat in the chair. So we say it
again: Blessed is the one who is quiet and says, "Dear God, tell me what it is I need to know."
Without a bias, without a prejudgment of what they think the answer
might be, they are then ready to have wisdom flow in. Their perception
of God is that of a friend.

So, is that you today as you read
this? Or have you decided in advance what you will receive? It’s quite
difficult to clear your mind of potentials, for the Human Being fills
the mind automatically with expectations. It’s part of the survival
scenario that you know so well, and which has kept you fearful for

Dear one, if you have come to that point, that
precipice where you need answers so badly and you want to hear the
numbers or the words, don’t be disappointed if all you get is a hug,
for that is an answer! The hug in spiritual terms means that practical answers are on the way.
You’re going to get them and see them, and synchronicity will bring
them. The hug means, therefore, to relax. Without this relaxation, you
will make decisions that will get in the way of a synchronicity that
will occur. Therefore, the hug is an answer, isn’t it? It means that
you’re not alone. It means that there actually are answers on the way.

This entire seminar, the entire day has been about perceptual
communications. From the information about the alignment of 2012 right
down to what my partner calls a quantum perception has been
everything he has been told to teach. And through synchronicity, he has
been given the teaching points. This is the way it works: Whether it’s
an author on stage or a mom with her kids, the answers come in these
ways. The mother loves their children so much and wants to see them
with wisdom that they don’t necessarily have yet. She doesn’t want them
to repeat the mistakes that are obvious. Let me give some advice:
Teach the children what you know about God. That’s the answer. Don’t
teach the child what was wrong with what they did or what’s wrong with
what you did in the past. Don’t teach the child necessarily the lineage
of mistakes you made. Instead, look in the child’s eyes and say, "I
want to tell you what I found that is the most important thing to me.
It goes beyond any generation gap that ever existed. I found God in me
and you’ve got it in you, too."
Let them know they can find it any
way they want to. But it’s going to keep them out of trouble, wise,
and in the right place at the right time. You couldn’t give a child
anything better than this.

Quantum Teaching

is quantum teaching today, but the word quantum is used in a popular
way, rather than the scientific way. In our teaching, it means that
which appears to be nonsense, randomness, but which has purpose and a
system to it. You can’t see the logic of it because it’s out of your
dimensional perception. So I want this to be a message today, the core
message, one that gets published, about perception. I want to show you
how Human Beings perceive God in an old and a new energy and how God
perceives humanity. Pieces and parts of all that has been taught now for
21 years we now put together so you can read it yet again – all
together, as a perceptual message.

Human Beings are
changing their thinking. But it cannot change to the point where you
get out of what you would call the survival instinct of three
dimensions. For within the reality that you claim is all there is
is the box you put God in, and the God box gets in the way of
everything you do. Think about these things. All of these years, think
of what humans do with energy, the feeling of energy, and how you react
to it.

Energy is Something You Assign to Other Entities

you feel something that is not part of your reality, it disturbs you.
You do one of two things with it. You either worship it or you fear it.
Very few Human Beings absorb it because it’s frightening, is it not?
If it’s not in the box of the reality that you would expect, you react.
If a miracle happens, what do you do? You say, "Thank you, God!" All of the credit, therefore, goes to a divine power you cannot see or understand and that is unexplainable. If something goes bump in the night,
it’s the devil. It’s evil. You see? Unusual energy gets a reaction
from you, instead of considering it something you might have produced

Now, let me expand your box for a moment. What if
all of those things were normal that I just mentioned? What if they’re
part of humanism instead of outside of humanism? What if instead of
closing your box to these things, you build a bigger box? If that suits
you, do it! Take the box and double its size and include energies you
don’t understand in your box or reality. So here is the invitation: The
next time you get an unusual healing or something happens out of the
normal, something that you might even label as "spontaneous remission,"
why don’t you say, "Thank you, creator inside, for allowing this to be manifested"? Why don’t you say, "I am powerful" and "I
am a piece of God"? And all of these things I give thanks for. In the
name of who I am, a creative piece of the Universe learning to expand
my energy."

Now, suddenly, something goes bump in the night
and you and others around you automatically consider that it’s
frightening. But perhaps it’s only energy? Perhaps it’s a part of a
system of energy we have discussed before, where dramatic moments are
imprinted into an area like an energy stamp. BANG – it stays there, like
a tape that replays itself over and over. It’s energy, created by
drama, but it seems like it’s alive, or an entity, doesn’t it? You might
experience it and feel that way, but notice that it does the same
thing over and over. It’s real energy and can be experienced and
measured… but it’s not evil and it has no intelligence. It’s simply
repeating an energy pattern and it’s part of the Human experience
system imprinted onto Gaia.

So, what does it beg you to do?
Clear it! We’ve told you this before because your energy allowance has
an attribute that light is more powerful than dark. Light is active and
dark is passive. Therefore, if you have a dark room and you open the
door, dark does not leak out! Instead, you obtain a torch, and darkness
vanishes, for it cannot exist with light there, you see? Dark has no
substance for it is defined as the absence of light. Therefore, if you come upon an energy that you feel is a stamp of inappropriateness for an area, turn on your light and it will go away! It is as simple as that. You can address it. You can say to the energy, "Drama energy be gone, for you have no more purpose. Let there be light in this place." This does not make you an exorcist! It makes you an . You are directing energy, not an entity that is evil.

It’s time to expand the box that you have placed reality within.
Perhaps it’s time to eliminate it? The perception of the Human Being
creates what is called the magnificence of God and the power of evil.
Both are only perceptions of Human energy. Let me tell you what our
perception is – that all of you, each one, carries a magnificent
potential to control the energies for yourself around you for your
life. Don’t be afraid of either one. If you come across something
inappropriate, clear it up. If you come across something magnificent,
claim it as your power. Then move forward to the next step. Do you hear
what I’m saying? You are evolving, and it’s time to have a perceptual
shift, is it not? See energies as things that are part of your space
and under your control.

The Fear of God

has consistently put God in a box of fear. Humanity fears God, does it
not? It’s because God appears immense and humans are small. Let’s talk
about that Human perception. The Human wants to paste Human attributes
on divinity. It’s all you have to compare to, so therefore, you apply
everything Human to the divine.

When you step across the
veil, in your historical perception, Humans want to find strife. You’re
going to find war. You’re going to find angels fighting angels. That’s
your mythology, isn’t it? You’re going to find all of the attributes
of humanity that you have pasted upon God completely and totally. You’re going to find punishment and reward, revenge and jealousy.

Dear ones, do I really have to tell you that these things do not exist
on my side of the veil? I want to tell you what exists on my side of
the veil. It’s a rainbow of that sings a message in
color and light. There’s no strife here. The creator energy has no
strife. There’s no punishment or reward here, since there is no
judgment. Judgment is the constraining of a Human’s consciousness that
does not allow for unconditional love. There’s only the energy of a
loving creator here. You’re a part of the creator energy family. You
should know this, and you should also have the wisdom to know that all
of the things you paste upon God are your own Human attributes.
The kind of reality on the other side of the veil is vastly different
than the prison of reality that you have created for yourself in 3D.
Yet it’s all you have, so that’s how you think. It’s time to pass this
perception, and to realize that creator energy is beyond your ability
to see and beyond your scope of understanding.

For centuries
you haven’t been able to think past that box of what God must be like.
So you create a Human-like God with wars in heaven, angel strife,
things that would explain the devil, fallen angels, pearly gates, lists
of dos and don’ts, and many rules still based on cultures that are
centuries old. You create golden streets and even sexual pleasures as
rewards for men (of course) – all Human perspective, pasted upon God. I
want to tell you that it’s a lot different than that. I want to remind
you that there are those who have seen it! Why don’t you ask somebody
who has had what you would call a near-death experience?

When a
Human almost dies, they get close to the veil, very close. They are
ever so close to the creator’s energy and just barely touched by it.
When their heart was stopping and their breathing was almost gone,
before they were brought back to life with science, they got to touch
the hand of God for just an instant. What they saw was magnificent! The
energy before them was filled with love and light, filled with family,
filled with beauty. There was no strife there. There was no punishment
there or even the hint of it. And when they came back from that
experience, listen to what they told you. It changed their lives, didn’t
it? Listen to each one talk about it, for they continued to say, "There is nothing to fear and death is something you experience as a normal transition." Blessed is the Human Being who experiences both death and birth and has the wisdom to report, "Oh, it’s uncomfortable, but I’ll get through it, because I’ve done it before." The
person who has experienced a near-death experience is no longer afraid
to die! What does that tell you? They have seen what is there and they
embrace it!

How many times do you think you have done it,
old soul? All of you are going to go through it again, every single one
in this room is going to experience it again – and you’re coming back!


I’ve said it before. You have the mind of God on the other side of the
veil, not the mind of a Human Being. You see the Akash and know who
you are. You see the lineage, the purpose of who you are, and you can’t
stay on my side of the veil when you’re not complete, when you’re not
finished. Here you are in the middle of this great shift, one you have
been waiting for! It’s going to shift the planet so that when you
return you can finally accomplish the finale. Do you understand what
I’m saying? This is a transition. When you come back, you can finally
do something, old soul; it’s imminent. Some of you are more than 50,000
years old! You’re not going to stay away. You’re not going to miss the
end of the transition. There’s a lot more here perceived than you

God Becomes Mythology

In an old
energy, Humans even took God to the limit, making many Gods from one.
They made one for the ocean, one for the sky, even giving them
children. Gods had anger, reward, carnal love and hate. All the Greek
gods had that. They had intricate stories of trickery, deceit,
deception, revenge – all assigned to God. Have you ever heard of a
vengeful God? That is a Human attribute, base upon the energy of fear.
There’s nothing to fear at all. You’re growing up and starting to
understand that the creator’s is inside, the communication
to God is instantaneous, is yours to own, and you don’t even need an
intermediary. You might have in an older energy. That’s why it occurred.
But not now.


Let me tell you
about worship, and even define worship for you. Blessed is the Human
Being who gets together with another Human Being or group of Human
Beings to celebrate their divinity. That’s worship. And what exactly
are you worshipping? Is it a great, divine power in the sky that you’re
going to kneel in front of, or are you honoring that which is the God inside you?
You know the answer, for humanity is beginning to see it and beginning
to change. I’m Kryon, so I feel an interdimensional energy around you
that you cannot. I feel this box you’re in starting to crack open. Do
you know what’s happened in this room in these years since the 1980s?
Do you know what’s happened in here? [The Unity Church sanctuary]
Epiphanies, joy, transmutation of sorrow and fear into peace, and
tremendous wisdom and understanding. Do you know how many Human Beings
have been healed in this room? It’s almost endless. The lineage of the
space you sit in knows the truth of what I say. The very wood, the
carpet, and plastic reeks with a glorious message of change
to me. I see it all. It makes me weep with joy for those who found the
family in this room. And it doesn’t just stop there, for spirit then
looks at those who built it, and the purpose and the intent of the
builders. It doesn’t even stop there. It even goes back to honoring
those who created the name on the building – their purpose, their
vision, the synchronicity of their lives, a couple – not just the one,
but the two [The Fillmores]. Had they not proceeded in an old energy
and fought against many attitudes, the building would not be here and
the synchronicity of the healings would not have occurred. This is what
spirit sees. This is our perception.

What is our perception of you,
dear Human Being? I will tell you that there are those in the room who
we see the same kind of lineage I just described about the founders
here. That is to say that there are seeds being planted and
synchronicity beginning that will create a place of worship, a place of
healing, within individual lives. And I don’t mean a building. I mean a
family that gets healed. Do you know who I’m talking to? I hope you

At this moment, I speak to those in the building and not
the reader, not the technical hearer. I speak to those bodies in the
building, and I am telling you there are those here who can leave
different than they came. They can leave with the seed planted within
them that will actually help those around them to affect others around
others around others. There is a pyramid of joy beginning here. It’s
the first time I’ve used the term. That’s what we see, and it’s our
perception – a pyramid of joy.

Sometimes my partner is asked
why he doesn’t open his eyes when he channels. The reason is that
through him, we allow him to see what we see – the culmination of your
many lives, of your wisdom, of what you’ve learned as the shamans who
sit in the room pretending to be ordinary. We see the potential of what
you can do and what is coming, but not if you don’t believe it.

Do you understand the profundity of what I am saying? If you walk out
of the room unchanged, if you don’t open your heart, there’s no
punishment. The same number of angels walk out with you, dear one, as
the healer has. But what also goes out is lost potential. There are
those who have come for healing in the room, and so I’ll just say it.
Do you want it or not? And if you do, don’t decide that it’s going to
be a spontaneous thing, then run out and get a blood test. What if
instead there is something implanted in you that gives you information
and wisdom to proceed and meet somebody else who knows what to do to
help extend your life? What about that? Don’t decide how it’s going to
work. Honor the process of synchronicity, of the planting of spiritual
seeds that leads you to other places you would not necessarily have
gone to. That’s how healing works.

This also includes the
healing in your work place and you know who I’m talking to right now,
for some have come with this very issue. I’ll tell you how situations
can be healed and you don’t really want to believe it. It’s going to
start with you. You yell at God that there is a horrible
person who is making your office experience awful. It’s their fault,
and they are unbalanced and just love to make you miserable. So how
could what you do make a difference? Get out of the box of what you
have been told about how these things happen! Listen: When you relax
with the problem before you and it no longer pushes the buttons of
drama, anger and frustration, watch what happens to that person! They
won’t get the reaction they have received before. They won’t get the
energy or the drama from you. Everything just sits there without all the
frustration. Buttons don’t get pushed. Then you know what happens
next? They leave! They absolutely need your dramatic reaction to exist.
When you stop reacting, they’ll find something else to do. Do you
understand the process I just gave you? Let it begin in you. The solution has always been with you.


master who walked this earth had an attribute that everyone noticed.
People loved them. Animals loved them. Children loved them. Nature loved
them. They could walk by flowers and they’d bloom. This is real! They
had the energy of creation and all of nature saw it, all of the
children saw it, and the animals saw it. Even dense adults, ones based
in an older energy who didn’t understand anything spiritual, just
wanted to sit next to them. Masters were "best friends." They listened
and had no agenda. They would laugh at life and things around them,
always including the Humans around them in the frivolity, always
creating joy wherever they went. Their lives were infectious, and
everyone wanted to sit and listen, to just "be" and absorb what they
had to offer. More than the miracles they occasionally offered, it was
the countenance of peace they offered – a solace in the midst of
distress or sadness. Just a moment with them could take away the worst
depression or dramatic energy.

A painting of the Christ hangs
laughing in the hallway outside [in the church]. Perhaps he doesn’t
represent your religion or your spiritual lineage. Did you know that he
doesn’t care? Why, then, should you? Most humans just wanted to be
with him, wouldn’t you – just for a moment? Talk about anything you
want! Can you imagine if he were here? What would this magnificent
master have to offer? I want to tell you: He would offer you honor,
love, companionship and peace. He would never try to enlist you in his
movement or ask you to join anything. He would simply "care." Masters
are like that, all of them. You’d just want to sit next to them and
feel the love and enjoy the presence and know all is well. You know I’m
right. So here’s the puzzle. How would you like that for yourself, to
be so alive with that which is inside, so intense, that all those
around you simply want to be with you? They don’t want you to do anything; they just want to be with you.

It is the new paradigm of the evolving Human Spirit that more and more
Humans will be like this. Politics won’t drive them to yell at you,
nor will their belief in God in whatever form. They will feel safe to
be with and you will know they care. They won’t bore you with
continuous tapes of what is wrong in their lives. Instead, they will
lift you up. Do you know what will eventually take place when more are
like this? The answer is peace on Earth. How could it not, when there
are no agendas and only caring for one another? Too fluffy, you say?
Too unrealistic? Time moves slowly, and it’s already happening. In the
most unusual places on Earth, it is happening; where politics and
rhetoric drives the unrest in the centers of countries, it’s happening.
Where they are planning bombs to kill children, it is happening. The
seeds grow slowly, but time is on the side of the master gardener.

Mothers, Pay Attention

I’ll tell you something: If you make the shift, one perception is that
your children will leave you. You are worried that you may appear too
odd to them, too strange. There are those who will tell others that you
have joined a cult. Now, this is for somebody reading. Don’t be afraid
of it! Because the children are going to see God in you!
They’re not going to see weirdness in you. Don’t give them a Kryon
book! Just be a great mom. They’ll find their own books. Give the
children credit for sensing the of the creator inside
you. They may eventually face off with you and say, "Mom, we don’t know what you are into, but whatever it is, we like it. We like the new mom!" It’s
happening everywhere. This shift in perception is creating masters at
work, in families, in politics, and even in the prisons. It’s not about
religion. It’s about compassion for humanity and the benefits that it
brings. It’s about an evolving Human spirit on planet Earth that no
longer cares about doctrines or organizations.

That’s the
perception we have, that humanity is evolving. Often it’s a long-term
planting of spiritual seeds that sometimes don’t bloom until you come
back in another body. What about that? But unless you do it right now –
allow the seeds to be planted – the next life is going to have the
same problems you’ve got today. So why not create a set-up that allows
for you to change your Akash now, so that no matter what happens in the
future, no matter what the incarnation or expression you have, you’re
going to come in ready to work with a light turned on? Then you never
have to go through what you’ve gone through this time, ever. How does
it sound? Well, that’s what the Human Being can do in this energy. And
that’s our perception today of you.

It’s not a fearful God
that is in the sky. Instead, it’s a magnificent family partner with a
hand out. Can you get over the perception that God is big and you’re
not? Can you get over the perception that God’s in the sky and you’re
not? Can you instead encompass the perception that says you are
everywhere and that God is you? When you walk out the door tonight,
you’re not alone. When you have a perplexing problem or a frustration,
can you learn to breathe, relax, and get the answer you need? It may
not be in 3D that you get the answer. It may not be in the numbers or
the words, but you’ll know which direction to turn because you’ll feel
it. Trust first impressions. They’re the ones that are subtle, and
they’re the ones that you’re not used to. This is the energy that you
are learning to feel that is expanded outside of the box that you’re
in. Don’t analyze it, don’t intellectualize it. Listen to your heart.
There is a balance between the intellectual and the heart. It’s needed
to move into the areas that we speak of. Don’t throw away your logic.
Enhance it with your heart.

There is a woman sitting here who
used to hold a very big sword, and she knows who she is. In battle, she
was great. And now she holds the sword differently. Today, it’s the
sword of truth, and she slays drama. She slays all things inappropriate
and the sword is even bigger. You don’t know who you are. Maybe it’s
time you listened to what is inside? Your DNA knows. Inside your DNA,
90 percent of it is involved in a spiritual quest. Ninety percent is
quantum. Less than five percent of DNA makes more than 20,000 Human
genes, the 3D part that science thought would be the blueprint of the
Human. It wasn’t. The other 90 percent is. It’s energy and information,
the beauty of the Higher-Self, the angel inside, the guides and the
amazing Akashic Record.

All of this mastery is in every single
Human Being, and you are beginning to activate it. It brings you to
the chairs today, does it not? It makes you wonder why you’re here. I
know why you’re here. I know what brought you here. You all have
something in common. You’re all my family. Do you even remember what
the Universe looks like? You can hardly wait to experience it again –
beautiful beyond words, glorious with energies that you will remember
when you return, and complete with your soul.

Astronomers, pay
attention, for you’re looking at a benevolent creator, and you can see
it in that which is created in the Universe. It is biased for life and
not random. There is a system and physics is even now starting to
discover it. You even gave it a name – intelligent design.
There it is – proof, if you wish, that God is good. Do you have a
fearful God or do you have a family member? That’s the question we
leave you with. Perception. How can you fear it if it’s part of you?
Instead, change the perception.

When you do, you’re going to
find something that you didn’t expect. As you vibrate higher, all of
the things that have been in a higher vibration will start to show
themselves. Formerly invisible to you in a lower vibration, these
energies will be observable and usable in a higher one. The tools lay
there, unused and ready. Manifestation is yours. Longer life, the
elimination of disease, the beginning of your being able to change your
own cellular structure, your cellular makeup, able to do things that
only can do, now with your very conscious thought. It has
always been there. But you’re going to have to vibrate higher to see
and use it.

Perception. How do you perceive us? I hope today
has changed it. And you will see us the way we are – a family with our
hands out, ready to take you on a journey you didn’t expect.

And so it is.


The information is free and available for you to print out, copy and
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Lee Carroll