As a child I enjoyed putting large jigsaw puzzles together. I
remember the joy of getting a new 500 or more piece puzzle, looking at
all of the pieces and the challenge of trying to put them together like
the picture on the box. The first thing I would do is find all of the
edge pieces, put them together and then begin filling in the inside. It
took a long time but eventually the last piece was put into place and
the puzzle was finished. The only way to complete the puzzle was to work
from the outside in, and this is what we are doing now, setting our
intention and then working through everything that stands between us and
its fulfillment.

The boundaries that we establish for our reality
are like the edge pieces of the puzzle. We set our intention for what
we want to create and then as we are focused on that, everything that
needs to be ‘filled in’ comes to the forefront for us. Everything that
needs healing, resolution, every person or situation that holds some
kind of energetic that is contrary to what we want to create
is ‘in our face’ because that is out of synch with what we want
to create.

All of our follows natural and Universal
law, the most of important being that energy does not simply disappear.
We transform the energies that are of a lower vibration than what we
wish to have in our life by transforming our relationship with them. And
there are many to do this, through disconnection, new intentions,
release and . This is our ‘home work’, the inner work that
every intention for transformation requires. While we can set an
intention for something new, the delay between asking and receiving is
the space in which we do our inner work to shift our energy to its

There is a real art to putting puzzles together, which
requires determination, focus, concentration and perseverance. The
pieces fit together a specific way and sometimes it is hard to figure
out where a piece should go. We can get discouraged and quit, take a
break and come back when we aren’t frustrated or ask for help.
Eventually we see the pattern in the pieces and the process moves more
quickly. Then suddenly the puzzle is a completed picture. We can either
take it apart and start again or get a new puzzle. We are all working
through our puzzles right now and while it seems complicated, it is just
a process of learning, healing and understanding. Once we see the
pattern in what we are doing, we can get into the flow of the energies
and the answers come to us. Then one day, we understand and the puzzle
is no longer a puzzle. Then we’re ready to move on to the next one.

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