Channeler: Mike

Over of time you have given your power to those who would lead
you, and some have been true to their spiritual beliefs. Most have
usurped power for their own gain, and established law and order to
ensure they keep it. In more recent times you were placed under the rule
of Kings and Queens, who declared they were appointed by God or indeed
were gods, and the right of succession was born. Along with the Church
your freedom of choice was taken away, and since then you have rarely
had a true Government of the people. Increasingly, power has since been
seized by those who control almost every aspect of your lives, and it is
power and money that has taken over. This brings you right back to the
Illuminati and the wealthy banking families, that set up a system that
has denied you your sovereignty, and your God given rights to live in
peace and happiness. As a result your reality is in dire need of change,
and not just because of the problems deliberately set up by the

As promised. within the provisions of NESARA are virtually all of the
steps necessary to reverse the established systems that have held you
back. These are necessarily far reaching and indicate the direction in
which Humanity should have progressed. The changes that we have
participated in that are awaiting an opportunity to be introduced, are
those very same benefits and they are close to becoming part of your new
reality. In part you have created it by showing your intent to manifest
changes for the good of all. That indeed is the key, and has the
backing of the Spiritual Hierarchy and God, and has been the flag that
St. Germain has carried for you. The present period of time was foreseen
millennia ago, but even so you still had the to determine how
it worked out. The Light has never been far away and battled with the
dark Ones for supremacy. However, as you slipped into the lower
vibrations, you forgot who you were and fell victim to them.

Now you stand tall and know where you are going, and fear has been
replaced with the certain knowledge that you are safe within the Light.
It is your shield, sword and suit of armour, and cannot be assailed by
the dark energies. You the Lighted Ones are the Knights in Armour that
have arrived on Earth to win the final battle, and we tell you that it
is already won. The emphasis of power has switched to you, and the Light
is now so well established on Earth it cannot be extinguished. In fact
it continues to grow exponentially, and is opening up the path to
for all to see. More souls are awakening to their true self,
with the knowledge of 2012 and its significance. As always the choice is
yours as to whether you accept this unique opportunity to ascend.

Our mission has been to not only assist in your awakening, but ensure
that the dark Ones were unable to interfere with your evolution. Where
you have accepted their rule, that has been your free choice and it was
not for us to intervene. However, many of you have expressed your intent
to move forward into the Light, and because of that decision we will
protect for you. Being of the Light is a state that you work towards,
and every aspect is embraced by Love and your ability to express it in
all you do. It is being gentle, compassionate, kind, considerate and
most importantly non-judgmental. It comes from understanding that all
life has its source in the Creator, and therefore you are All One. What
you do to One you do to All, and that is expressed in the saying “that
no Man is an Island”. Whatever you do effects everything else, and
creates that can powerfully influence other souls.

We come to you not to preach but there are conditions created upon
Earth that must be changed, if you are to be prepared for Ascension. So
many of you look for guidance and that is what we give, but you must
find what satisfies your search for the truth, and yet even so it will
most certainly change as your consciousness expands. This is why the
path of another soul will not necessarily be for you, but you should
have no difficulty in finding yours. If it feels right it will serve you
at the time, but do not fall into the trap of becoming too rigid in
your beliefs, and leave space for change. You will find that knowledge
and understanding, is far more expansive than you could possibly believe
whilst you are still held in the lower vibrations. Allow for the fact
that it will be a long time before you can possibly know everything
there is.

You might ask where do we stand as far as evolution is concerned, and
we would reply that we as member civilisations of the Galactic
Federation have already ascended. We continue to evolve, and will do so
until we find ourselves at One with the Source of All That Is. No matter
who you are or how you view life, or what your beliefs are you will
still evolve through the experiences each life provides you. You may go
in all directions at various times, but the fact is that the net result
will see you progress towards the Light. You may choose to stay in your
present dimension, and that does not mean you are not evolving. You can
return to any level you desire in the interests of gaining the
experience you need. It is not usually a decision you make alone, and
your mentors and Guides will assist you in making it.

In reality life is quite orderly inasmuch that every individual has
his or her own plan, yet it still interacts with the whole. The Laws of
the Universe apply to each one of you, and you are very much affected by
the Law of Attraction. You may not knowingly use it, but if you do it
can be very beneficial. Cause and Effect are real and that is why you
take responsibility for all of your actions. Indeed you are also
responsible for your thoughts and words, which carry according to
what you intend. Be careful Dear Ones, and think before you act and
simply check that you are not about to harm another soul in any way. It
sounds rather hard to be in control as you are prone to act first
without thinking, but you can if you put your mind to it. Live from the
heart and love will accompany all you do and say.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and in the time we have had together, a lot
has passed between us. We have followed your consciousness levels as
they have expanded, whilst helping you with your spiritual
understanding. We are now much closer as a result, making our coming
tasks so much easier.

Thank you SaLuSa.

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