SaLuSa 26-July-2010

The sands of time have nearly run out, and unlike when you prepare to
go on vacation and sort out what you want to take with you,
is quite the opposite. You are instead sorting out what you cannot take
with you, but of course we do not mean physical objects. It comes down
to any attachments that are of the lower , that cannot exist
in the higher vibrations. As part of your life plan, you have arranged
that they present themselves to you for cleansing. Many of you have come
into life with a dark side, but that should not dismay you as you will
have every opportunity to deal with it. Reflect on what it is that does
not serve your higher good, and move it out of your life. Let us take
the example of pornography because it feeds your lower instincts.
Instead of seeing people as objects to satisfy your lust, you could try
seeing them as fellow travellers on a journey like yours, and focus on
all that is of beauty and love. Clearly this is only one area of life
that will prevent you from uplifting your vibrations, and if you are
serious in your intentions to ascend you must cleanse yourself of such

Other problems may be relatively easy to deal with, and many arise
from disrespect for others. An aggressive attitude is one, and the
longer it persists the longer you will attract like situations to
yourself. Perhaps being judgmental is a more general problem, because it
is looked upon as quite normal and promoted by the media in many
different ways. Let us say that having an opinion is one thing, because
it does not necessarily carry with it. However, when it
does you are projecting it to the object of your attention and far from
helping, it actually adds more to it. There is an
exception where someone is well advanced and has evolved into the Light,
as it serves as their protection and will simply return negative energy
to the sender.

The battle is often between you and your ego, that can rule your life
if you let it. It does it with your permission, because it is you who
has put that mindset into place. It represents what you believe you are,
and often relates to you in terms of how much “respect” you demand from
other people. You probably know someone like that who is inflated with
his or her own importance, and expects it to be acknowledged. The seven
deadly sins summed it up very well, and they give you an indication of
what may be holding you back from evolving. If you have the desire to
ascend and move into the dimensions of Light, then clearly you must
begin to live your life as one who wishes to emulate on Earth, what you
believe it is to be an ascended Being. We do not mean you have to reach a
level of perfection as that would be extremely difficult, but with the
intent to do so you will attract the higher energies to yourself and
make progress. Once you understand where you need to bring changes into
your life, you will focus upon them and can expect to be successful. On
this subject, let us finally tell you that if you live as a Being of
Light you will have no such problems, because your life will be one that
is a true expression of your love for all.

Dear Ones, we do not want to make your tasks sound too difficult, as
they are helped considerably by the incoming energies being beamed to
Earth. As you attract them to yourself, so your vibrations lift up.
There would eventually come a point where the lower energies could not
touch you, and would become transmuted. Imagine millions of souls that
have reached such levels and how they would carry others forward with
them, because you would be influenced by the energies around you. Let us
say that you enter a den of iniquity, the higher your vibrations the
more you would “feel” the lower energies, and they would seem not only
coarse and heavy but also very unpleasant. You are reacting in this way
wherever you go, but it is only in the extremes that it has a pronounced
affect upon you, as normally you do not notice it. Our energies are
quite high and refined, which is why when you come into our presence you
become very aware of them.

At a time when Ascension is uppermost in many people’s thoughts,
there are many distractions. They do not necessarily have to occupy your
time, but do see what is happening around you as signs of the changes
that must take place. As always keep your vision on the future and you
will cut your ties with all that is of the old paradigm. You cannot
continue as it was before and indeed we doubt that many of you would, as
the new times promise all that offers a totally harmonious and happy
life. You ask us to free you from the designs of the dark Ones, and that
call is being answered. Together we are going to establish the new
paradigm with all of the attributes of a Golden Age. No more shall you
be kept from your divine heritage, and your freedom will be returned so
that every soul has an equal opportunity to ascend.

The sabre rattling between the U.S. and is symptomatic of
countries that interfere with progress of others, and their
confrontational postures are dangerous and unproductive if it is meant
to keep the peace. It is the lack of intent to seriously approach the
desire for a peaceful co-existence, that has kept you in a constant
state of readiness for war. It is of course welcomed by those who stand
to gain from them, and very profitable for those dealing in arms and
other equipment. However, as we have often informed you, we will not
allow nuclear weapons to be used. The time is approaching when peace
will be declared, and all types of armaments will be banned. Furthermore
we will also monitor, Earth and prevent any attempts to falsely start
wars of whatever nature.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and now you know that the Galactic
Federation is a peace-keeping organisation, which is why we sometimes
refer to ourselves as Galactic Policeman. In your terminology, it is
probably more accurate to call us Galactic Trouble Shooters. At the
heart of our operations is the desire to see all civilisations join us,
so that all can become One in the Love and Light. Life does not have to
continue as you experience it, and we will ensure that you leave it
behind with the coming of the end times. The solar cycle is ending and
cannot be prolonged, and will not result in the destruction of the
Earth. A new Earth is to arise with all souls that are ascending with

Thank you SaLuSa.