Channelled through - 05/07/10

The warmest and deepest of loving blessings extends from
my soul to all of creation on the Earth. My fondness and devotion for
the Earth and its humanity is abundant and pours forth with tremendous

I am Lady Mary, also known as Mother Mary, Archangel Mary
and the Virgin Mary. I am currently acting as overseer of the energy of
joy and soul exploration of a blue green colour named the ninth ray of
the Creator’s soul. It is the energy of joy that I adore placing or
activating from within the hearts of humanity; my sacred friends on the
Earth. It is through the energy, experience and embodiment of joy that
we can connect on a deeper level with the light and sacred guidance of
the Creator, manifesting ourselves as a truth that is immensely pure. It
doesn’t matter how joy develops whether it manifests through physical
or spiritual experiences, it is the presence of joy that is essential,
with a true energy of joy bubbling from within you. Joy is healing,
uplifting, energising and holds the power of aligning you with the
Creator’s soul. It is my wish that every person experiences the energy
of joy throughout their ; it is like a medicine for the soul, so
essential and nurturing. Even if you do not feel that you have anything
in your physical reality to be joyous about then you can call on my
loving motherly energies to place bubbles of joy into your aura and
activate the energy and quality of joy from the depths of your soul,
assisting this energy in rising up, like a flower blossoming into the
beauty of the Creator. I am here to assist you my dear ones, let me aid
you in realising the simplicity and beauty of existing as and within
joy, aligning with the Creator and healing your entire being.

Change is so prominent on the Earth now as many are
achieving and devoting their time to their ascension, discovery of their
soul and unity with the Creator. Alterations are occurring in the
energy, atmosphere and structure of the Earth, within the bodies,
emotions and minds of humanity and even within the collective
consciousness of humanity on numerous levels. Such changes can create a
feeling of insecurity, suffering and confusion; it is important to
dissolve these before they become too powerful and anchor into the lives
of many permanently.

It was my wish to come forward to you today with a
exercise and technique that all can practice in order to support
the Earth and humanity as well as their own energies during these times
of change. There is a need to anchor the feminine nurturing energies
and aspect of the Creator onto and into the Earth, in order to bring
forth a great healing and dispersion of confusion and . It is my
wish to assist you in lovingly planting a seed of feminine nurturing
energies from your being into the Earth so that the seed may melt and
disperse throughout the Earth, linking with the energies that others
have anchored in order to bring forth a tremendous foundation of loving
support for all who are change and their ascension on the
Earth. I would be honoured if you now allowed me to guide you in this
special practice and service to all and the Creator.

Allow yourself to sit peacefully gaining a relaxed state
of mind, body and emotions.

Please know that you are safe and protected as we call upon Archangel
Michael and Archangel Faith to support and surround you with their
powerfully loving angelic energies.

With the knowledge of the Archangel’s protection allow yourself to
relax further into your own energies, sinking into the sacred energy of
peace and stillness within you.

Focus on your breathing and know that with every breath you inhale
you are allowing divine angelic light to pour into your entire being and
body. As you exhale this sacred light anchors deeper into your body and
aura, becoming a natural and eternal aspect of your being and energy.

You exist in a blissful state that is pure and truthful,
relax deeply into this existence.

I, Lady Mary stand behind you and place my hands gently upon your
shoulders, channelling the energy of joy from the Creator’s soul, the
angelic and the ninth ray of light into your being now. Allow
the presence of joy to be felt as a growing light within you now. You
deserve to be joyous, accept the powerful and abundant energy of joy
deep into your heart and soul now. I am healing you by raising your
energy vibration, altering your of mind and aligning your emotions
with love.

Imagine, sense or acknowledge that you are like the sun shining
brightly, radiate the joy that you are experiencing from every cell in
your being. You are allowing your joy to touch the hearts of others so
that joy becomes the most common emotion experienced by humanity from
this day forward.

We now invoke the angelic kingdom holding the Mother or feminine
energy of the Creator, the Ascended Masters holding the Mother or
feminine energy of the Creator and the gracious Goddess beings of all
levels of the Creator’s universe to draw close to your being,
surrounding you in their presence. We ask that the Goddess energy of the
Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi Universal and Cosmic
levels to join us now in sending and anchoring the feminine nurturing
and healing energy of the Creator into the Earth. These glorious beings
of light and love channel their energy into your being. Sacred colours
and lights flow around and through you as they activate and draw from
within you the feminine aspect of your soul and its sacred abilities.

Let the light of your feminine aspect glow from within you like a
touch or a flame blazing brightly. See or sense its colour and

Place or imagine that your hands are cupped before you and ask your
soul to create a special seed of light, letting it fall into the
protection of your cupped hands. This seed only needs to be small but it
holds the nurturing and loving energies of your feminine aspect, it is
immensely beautiful to view.

We ask that all loving beings present now energise this sacred seed
of love and support, intensifying the power of the seed’s light.

When you are ready, imagine, sense or acknowledge that you are
lovingly and gently planting this seed into the ground and soil of
Mother Earth with much tenderness flowing from your being and heart.

As you plant this seed of love and support, placing it deep within
the soil you can see its radiance emanating through the soil, flowing
across large areas of the Earth, connecting and integrating with other
light seeds that have been planted. Like a root system the eternal light
of the seed flows deep into the centre of the Earth. Imagine, sense or
acknowledge that the single small seed that you have planted has now
covered and integrated with the entire world, its loving support
radiating into the air and atmosphere of humanity.

Imagine that this loving motherly energy is every person on
the Earth and holding them tightly in love. The same is occurring to
you now, allow yourself to relax into the loving embrace and give thanks
to all who have assisted you and the Creator, as we give thanks to you.

I hope that you find this practice and its experience both beautiful
and supportive to you now.

With the purest of blessings,

Lady Mary

Natalie Glasson, Wisdom of the Light,

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