I had it made already, so I figured I’d comment on going to upload the new header image in the next ten minutes:

But I should not have forgotten that my particular cosmos is still ruled by Murphy, intent on obstructing anything creative I attempt to do. So after the comment, I spent the next seventeen minutes trying to find back where I’d changed that header image the last . Weblog settings? Nope, three screens of attributes with various degrees of , but nothing as simple as a header image setting. Same for the templates: readable allright, but nothing that referred to a JPG file in any way. In the end I found it hidden in a CSS style sheet, and it looked simple enough…..

Wrong again: changing the setting to the new filename resulted in an header, no matter what I tried. The image is there, as you can see, but somehow the header just won’t accept it!

Well, I guess it doesn’t matter if you call him Murphy or Your Higher Self, but somebody is obviously trying to tell me its not time yet. ’t you just hate it when that happens? Now I’m going to have do any number of a zillion of other unrelated things (cause I have NO CLUE of the relationships), to either get it to my way, or to just accept that It will happen sometime. Well, back to the  regular update, I guess, since it is (as Bashar says) my Next Point of Highest Excitement.

Love your Trust,