Today has been a much-needed lazy day. My calendar was clear. I
was commitment-free. And I decided to simply be spontaneous – only do
what I felt like doing in the moment.

After making breakfast,
posting on , catching up on the latest news, and playing with my
cat, I went out to lie on my deck to look up at the clouds. As I
watched them slowly meander across the sky, my mind drifted off and soon
I felt present and connected to my body. I love that feeling – the
spacious, free feeling I felt as a little girl sitting in my backyard
playing in the dirt for hours. Not a care in the world. No place to
be. Nothing to worry about. Just hands in dirt. Ahhhh, the good old

After hanging out on the deck for a while, I came inside to
sit with Poupon. As I stroked his fur, I thought about the things I
often fantasize about doing when I’m too busy to do them. You know, the
little things we all wish we could do to feel more alive or connected
to ourselves. So, I decided to make a list that included things like:

Wake up early and drive to the beach to watch the sunrise.

Finish the novels that are sitting next to my bed.

* Watch
documentaries (a favorite pastime).

* Start riding my bike again –
don’t know why I ever stopped.

* Take a flower-arranging class
(in my next life I’ve decided I’m going to own a flower shop).

Create a journal using colored markers and paints, and tape favorite
quotes, affirmations, and photos inside for fun.

* Finish a
fashion board I started a year ago filled with pictures of great
clothing, shoes, and jewelry designs.

* Plant the second phase of
my deck garden and start a new flower garden.

* Take late
afternoon walks with Michael around our neighborhood.

I think of
these types of activities as little “soul treats” – the things we do
that add depth, richness, fun, and meaning to our lives. Too often
they get relegated to the back burner because emails, phone calls,
endless commitments, and grown-up responsibilities always seem far more
important. Yes, I know we all have things we must do, but what if we
were to make these significant, too?

Ok, how about you? Any
ideas? I’d love to hear about them (so I can add to my list, too!).
Feel free to share them on my Facebook page here.

Take Action

Make your own list of little soul treats – the things
you’ve been thinking about doing but not giving enough time, and
attention to. Keep it nearby so you remember to make them a priority,

This week’s video was sent to me by none other than Louise
Hay! It will make you smile and leave you feeling so loved! You can
find it here.
Thanks, Louise!

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