St. Francis through Anina Davenport

Many of you who have been raising frequency for years report a feeling of spaciousness in your bodies. Where does this come from and what does it mean? Space is what you are. Space, love, , consciousness, ; these are all terms for the same thing: your Self (with a capital S), the , the one Self. As you have been releasing denser energies such as old trauma or old beliefs and stuck emotions your has been able to shine through. Like a light bulb that had become dusty and did not shine much anymore your Self had become obscured by the dust of fearful beliefs, misconceptions, defenses and so on.As the dust has been removed through clearing of such energies the true
Self is able to shine through more and your body feels more spacious
although illness and tensions might still be there but you do not feel
so burdened any more. You feel freer. You feel more your Self. In
readings we help people clear themselves and one question we get a lot
is: Will this clearing ever stop? The short answer is:” No but it does
get easier.” Why does it get easier? It gets easier because the freer
you become the less you identify with the small self or the false self.
So instead of saying (and feeling) I (the small self called Bob) is
depressed you experience it more like depression is there. You feel your
Self as free and you see depression which is usually a
combination of stuck sadness and anger rising up from within. You might
even see it as energy maybe a grey cloud coming up from your stomach
being transmuted into higher light by the light of your consciousness or
someone else’s if you are working with a for example or if a
is working on you.  Being more detached from these
energies which is not the same as denying them (you have all tried that
one) is the clue to clearing quickly and with less stress. To insure
that you do not suppress instead of detach we suggest that you stay
aware of your breathing and go for a walk or dance if you see yourself
depressing energy. Do not keep it down unless you are about to hit
someone but this is not an issue on the higher frequencies. So the rules
change and suppression is more of an issue and many people confuse
detachment and suppression and it is tricky. We understand that. So the
clearing does not stop but gets easier and if you need help such as a
or supplements or drugs for the body get it. As you clear some
physical ailments might get better but some things will stay so do not
worry about that. When you die you will take off this dear coat called
body and change into something lighter. We are not saying that the body
is not a most wondrous vehicle for it is but as the saying goes: Nothing
lasts for ever. At least on the level of form that is true.

Why does clearing never stop? It does not stop because when you become
very clear which is still quite rare on this earth then you will clear
for others. So you hear stories of Ramana Maharshi or other such sages
taking on their students’ karma. From your present level you would say:
“Now I clear for others” but they see you as their own Self so they do
not make such distinctions in truth. On the level of duality they do
make distinctions. They too see different forms.

But let’s stay with you and where you are now which is a certain level
of frequency. You have started to awaken and awakening is a process. You
still have to be grounded in Self. Most likely you have had various
experiences of Self, stillness or spaciousness. Maybe the spaciousness
in your body never quite disappears which is good for then you can tune
into that. You can tune into the spaciousness within your body and the
spaciousness within nature or the tree outside your window or your desk
for spaciousness is everywhere. As your frequency rises you can sense it
in other people.  It is of course easier to sense in people with less
negative ego or dust on their light bulbs but the higher you go the more
you can sense it in difficult people as well which does not mean you
start to let others get away with murder so to speak. You need to hold
other people accountable for their actions and at time your Self will
suggest another course. It is all moment to moment decision by your
Self. More and more your true Self will decide and the small self will
be in the background. The more you are aligned with your true Self the
more you will feel something called choiceless awareness. Your body will
play along too. You will see clearly that path A is the right one and
you wonder maybe I should try path B and you will get very tired. Maybe I
should call her right now you think although you know the right thing
to do is not call her and you go to the phone and just can not lift that
receiver. It just feels wrong and your arm feels too heavy to do the
job. Your body too is now more in alignment with Soul. Or maybe it is
the other way around: the right thing is that you do call a friend and
you can hardly keep your body from picking up the phone. Sometimes the
right thing is to do nothing and watch. When we say, "Do nothing" we do
not mean  just sit on a and stare into space we mean you do what
you do (your job or chores or other activities or you rest) but you
leave that project that you have been thinking about alone. You just sit
and watch things unfold and then one day you hear your true Self say:
Call this person or write this e-mail or get this task done and you do
so. You see the Self is in charge. Your Self: your true Self.

What is false falls away eventually so don’t worry too much about the
false self. If you raise frequency it will fall away. Life will set up
the circumstances for change so you do not need to worry about that. It
will set up situation to show you your defenses and old beliefs and what
you need to let go. We would like add a word about defenses: one time
those defenses that are now in the way of raising frequency were
helpful. Maybe they protected you of an abusive parent where for example
becoming invisible was a good survival strategy. It is important that
you release defenses in your own time. There is no rush. Also know that
letting go of defenses does not mean you cancel your energetic
boundaries. Some of you are highly sensitive and already have weaker
energetic boundaries and a more porous aura. Your aura is your energetic
immune system so to speak. Keep it strong and healthy. Do not let
negative energies in and do not let other people cord to you. Some
spiritual teachers give to their students but some who call themselves
spiritual teachers cord to their students energetically in order to
siphon off energy. Some teachers do not know they do that and genuinely
feel they just give. It is good to have some psychic vision and as you
raise frequency these awarenesses will come. We are not saying you have
to become a psychic but just as you had to become more street smart as
you grew up we want you to become more energy smart and see what others
are doing.

So choiceless awareness is about relaxing and also about feeling the
spaciousness in your body. It is about trusting the universe which does
not mean you trust everyone you meet. It means you trust your true Self
or God or consciousness to take care of you. You relax, you breathe you
feel some sanity. You see there is a plan and you fit in it very nicely.
You do not need to save the world for that is God’s job but your Self
will point out some things you can do to serve consciousness. Many of
you are light anchors and part of your job is just to vibrate and anchor
light. You know who you are and if this is your job most likely money
will be provided as well. Or maybe your job is to anchor light in a
little store and connect to customers to share your light. Some of you
are builders and some of you are sensitives who can help people with
extra insight. Each has their own job and each is contributing
marvelously to this project. Relax. Do not worry so much. Our love is
with all of you.

Copyright Anina Davenport 2010

Anina Davenport is the of Reflections on , Energetic
Empowerment and Manifesting in Alignment with Soul. She is a former
therapist and supervisor with a MA in Counseling Psychology and now
gives readings which include . She has also been a student of
the spiritual teacher Ammachi since 1992. Anina can be reached at or at (612) 562-6661.