With a blistering hot day, and no other 3D activity planned until the Sun cools down a bit, I figured I’d just get ahead on my oil spill conversion plan mentioned earlier…

Flat on my back, on the bed, it isn’t hard to imagine myself floating in the oil-ridden waters of the Gulf. No need to struggle like the birds and fish, for there is no fear here, at least not for me. My higher body, being the energy conversion process that it is, can sustain itself indefinitely down here, without fear of drowning.

Now let’s see, crude oil is mostly carbon compounds, with some hydrogen mixed in. Shouldn’t be too hard to knit the carbon atoms into nice 60 atom molecules, called buckyballs. Normally, these form crystals, that hardly interact with the environment, at least not chemically. The  remaining hydrogen atoms can then be bonded to oxygen in the air, to form mere H2O, or water, which also does no when mixed in with the ocean water. 

Rather than the long chain oil molecules that stick to anything, and smother it to death, the buckyballs stick only together, and the excess water will help clean the as yet not converted oil of all the pelicans and fish. No doubt some of the pelicans will then immediately proceed to devour the fish now that they’re tasty again, but at least that is a far more natural process than the drilling of holes in Mother to deplete the lubricants her tectonic plates so desperately need. 

Of course I have no evidence my little trip out there actually works, because of the media blackout, but I for one will just keep believing it works, and keeps working, even when I take my mind off it to go out to the supermarket for this modest of foodstuffs. Based on the weather, it’ll be mostly yoghurt, fruit, and icecream!

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