This morning on the train I realized what I have been doing "wrong" all this time: Having experienced a bunch of very remarkable in the past, and developing my understanding of them, I came to see the occurence of syncs as a desirable indication of progress, and hence the absence of them as a lack of progress.

So every time the eye of the sync hurricane hit me, I’d fall back into
panic, figuring whatever my syncs had been indicating wasn’t quite going
to happen. However, as Bashar reminded me, syncs are neutral, and serve
double duty: they mean whatever you decide they do, and like any growth
process in Nature, they too vary in speed.With plants it’s seasonal,
but who knows, with syncs it might be intentional….

Then it occurred to me that instead of seeing lack of syncs as a
negative (no growth), why not see it as an indication of an advised
vacation, the Cosmos telling you to stay cool, lay low, and slowly
assimiliate All that has arrived in your Life in recent times? After
all, if you keep doing the most wonderful things, you’ll never have time
to quietly contemplate having done them, and thus in the essence of
your being appreciate them.

It’s kinda like no syncs indicates the end of a cosmic shopping spree,
and Nature is telling you to go home, rest, and prepare for all the
things you’ve ordered, and which will now be delivered to your door
step. It kinda feels like that switch flipped my mind inside out, once
I’d realized it. Instead of waiting for it to pass, the slowness in
syncs becomes a feast, that expects wonderful things to happen. Am I
becoming too positive again? I’m not sure, but it feels good to go with
it, at least untill a better improves upon the advantages of
this idea…

Love your Optimism,