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Neville Goddard from Immortal Man

If you were conscious of the activity within you, you would see everything related to your . That activity, could you see it, projects the conditions and of your life. Not one thing is out of order. Change the activity and you change the world in which you live. You change that activity by changing your inner speech, for speech mirrors your mind and your mind mir­rors God. If you don’t change the activity you can’t change the conditions of life, for they only come bearing witness of this inner action of your mind.

If, right now you reflect upon your life and say within yourself, "I
wouldn’t want to live this again," then you’d better start changing it,
because I can make you a promise, your next life is this life. If you
cannot, now, in , say, "I desire to live it again," then start
today to lay down new tracks, for you stand in the of energy
and you can’t stop walking. The curvature of time will bring you back
and back and back, forever and forever, until you break it.
 Then you awaken and enter a circle of awakened humanity. I’ll tell you,
you know them more intimately than anyone you now know in the state of

 There is not a person on earth that you know as intimately as those who
have awakened when you awake.

 When you go into their presence you mingle and be­come one with them.
You do not lose your identity; in fact, you tend ever toward greater and
greater individual­ization. You never become absorbed and lose your
iden­tity, but as you awaken you awaken to the being you always were but
had forgotten when you fell asleep. There is a beauty in the inner man
that the outer has never touched, never scarred, and as you awaken they
will be there to meet you, because they are eagerly awaiting the
breaking of the circle of recurrence.

I give you the end of a golden string and call upon you to roll it into a
ball. If you do it will lead you in at heaven’s gate built in
Jerusalem’s wall.
 I cannot do it for you, but call upon you to wind it and roll it into a
ball by the daily application of the principle of revision, by daily
watching your inner actions, and see if they correspond to the actions
you desire to perform in the outer world.
Watch your conversations carefully; are they from premises of fulfilled
 If they are not, go back and make them correspond to the ideal you want
to embody in this world.

Start revising this day and watch the circle begin to snap, watch the
eye begin to open. I tell you when the eye opens there isn’t a
possession in the world that you would want more than the opening of
that eye. Your values change, the meaning of life changes, for you
wouldn’t sell the eye that opens for all the wealth of the world. You
wouldn’t exchange it for any recognition in the world now conferred upon
the so-called great. You see the so-called great all equally sound
asleep playing their parts walking curved lines. But you have snapped
it, and move into a wonderful world of awakened humanity, and there you
see these glorified beings, but really glorified beings who pre­ceded
you into the conscious circle of humanity.