Recently, as I was scuba diving, I heard the unmistakable sounds
of the : a beautiful melody similar to children’s laughter. I
swam in the direction of the sound, and looked up to the surface where a
big pod of dolphins was diving near me.

At first, I swam fast
to join the pod. But they changed direction and swam away from me . . .
fast! That’s when I realized that I was chasing them, and thereby
chasing them away. I remembered my previous teachings from the dolphins:
that they’d come to me if I’d just stay still, turn my belly to face
them, and open my heart with great love to them.

Forty feet
below the surface of the ocean, I turned and floated on my back with my
belly in the direction of the pod. Although I could no longer see or
hear the dolphins, I consciously opened my heart to them. I wasn’t
“sending” them love, I was simply feeling love for them. I made sure I
wasn’t doing anything similar to chasing or manipulating them. I didn’t
demand that they come to me. I didn’t even will that they swim to me. I
simply loved the dolphins.

In less than one minute, the pod of
dolphins swam right to me! I kept my belly facing in their direction, as
a sign of equality (since that’s how dolphins swim with each other).
The dolphins playfully twirled and spun around, and I mirrored their
actions in a fun and beautiful underwater dance. We played like this for
about 20 minutes.

This interaction was another reminder and
that when we chase after anything, it runs away. But if we
simply open our heart and send love, we attract all of the of
the universe.

You can call upon the protective Archangel
Michael to guard and shield you as you live open-heartedly. He will give
you clear guidance, in the form of thoughts and , to steer you
toward people of integrity. He’ll also warn you if you’re around
someone who is ego-based. As long as you listen to and follow Michael’s
guidance, you’ll be able to keep your heart open with peaceful
interactions with loving people.