Channeler:Samantha von Daniken – The Magicians Daughter

The Entrance to the Seventh – Dalai Lama
 Channeler: Samantha von Daniken, The Magicians Daughter
 21st JuIy 2010 Illnau,
I am the Dalai Lama
I am His Royal Highness
I am and the Keeper
I am the Temple Mount
I am the Pyramid Vision
I am the Protector
And the Key Holder to the Doors of the Ark of the CovenantI am the Arc de Triomphe
I am the Triumph of World Peace
I give you the Golden Key for the Golden Gate
For the Golden Song of the Universal Fleet
I am the Footsteps of Buddha and the Footprint of Mankind
I am the Ray of Independence
And the Rose of the Seal of the Soul
I am the Seven Seals, the Seventh Seal
I am the Entrance to the Seventh Heaven
Wherein Lies the Seven Wonders of the World
I am the Seven Seas and the Seven Sisters of Pleiadians
I am that I am
This Day we Sign the Treaty of Space
And the Promotion of the Intergalactic freedom
We Place our Signatures on this Document
Petitioning for the Rights of every Human Being
We Pledge the Forgiveness of All those who have Acted against Humanity
We Promise and Assure that they will be Fairly Treated
In the Courts of the Gods
These are the Trials of the Tribulation
And the Summoning of All Secret to be Revealed to All
There will be No More Undercover Operations
There will be Visibility and Clarity
There will be Answers to All questions and Replies to the Back Log
There will be Ways that the World will be Run using the Energy of the Heart
Only those who have Opened the Doors can Enter into the Domain
These Countries are the Evolutionary Places of the Coming Empire of the Cross
These Days hold Tickets which are Themselves Issued through Yourselves
This Calendar of Time is the Rorian Days
Unprecedented and Unfolding
We Believe in You
We Trust in You and Await You
We Look Forward to Our New Acquaintance in the Halls of Armenti
We Greet You and We Meet You here in these Kingdoms
Which remain Crystal Clear Frequency and of the Crystal Heart
There can be No Entry to those who do not Resonate with This
As it has been the Gateway through All Time
It is the Knowledge of the Sacred People that has kept these Shrines and Temples
As Holy Places of Resurrection and Redemption
The Agartheans are Shy and Quiet and Ask
That we Slowly Integrate the Language of Both Nations to the Harmonic Frequence of the Rainbow Love and Light
We ask that Agamemnon is the of this Speech and Communications Programme
There will be a Cleaning and Clearing of your Human Body Systems
In Order to Pass through the Pearly Gates
These are the Fortress to the Underground of the Inner Earth
 Where Upon we will Instruct You
Provide You with New Clothes and Garments of Beauty
Spun in Silk and Coloured with Rainbow Raindrops
We Welcome you with the Crown and Scepters
The Wands of Healing and the Crystal Corpus of the World
We Sleep in the Beds Spun from Clouds
Made of Dreams and Filled with Paintings and Music
Light Laughter Happiness and Friendship
We eat from the Nourishment of the Light Bodies Surrounding us
From the Exotic and the Magical Fruits
Grown in our Everlasting Garden of Eden
Which Stretches Beyond your Wildest Imagination and your Wildest Dreams
Here are the Psychedelic Fields, The Jungle of Peace
The Infinity of Comradeship of Wild Animals
Where and Eve once were Living
A Land of Magnificent Trees and Blossoming Flowers
Of Butterflies and Bees
And Dolphins and Whales that Swim Freely in their Blue Green Seas
And the Polar Mammals
All Creatures Great and Small
Noah’s Ark Landed
This is the Port of the Heart
We are at the Starboard We are Board
We are the Galactic Federation
The Crossing of the Infirmament
The Journeys from Land to Land and Planet to Planet
We are the Search of Nirvana 
The Heavenly Nectar
The Elixir of Life
The Honey and Royal Jelly
We are the Kingdoms of the Universe
The Star Planet Beings of the Core Nucleus
The Commanders and the Directors of the Magnetic Flip Flop
The Constellation of Realignment
And the Consternation and Disbelief of your People
We Come to Realign and to Assign
The Task of and the Mission of Completeness
The Unification of all Star Nations
Harnessing their Collective Power
To Steer the World Away from the Collision Course
The Red Planet is Nearing
The Bells are Sounding
The Gong is Waiting for the First Trumpet Call
The Clarion Call
The Angels are Above You
The Arc of the World
They are the Arks, The Ships
The Sea Carriage and the Sky Lift
They are the Guides to the Departure Point
The Beginning of the End Destination
The Start of a New Life
We are the Watchers and the Father of Time
The Mother of Creation
You are the Creation and you are the Creator
We Bring you the News Daily Now
Of all that is Passing, And all that Will Be
We are the Transcendental Broadcast
The Telepathic Connect
We are the Windows of your Inner Eye
And the Pathways of your Heart
We say Again
Follow your Heart
Read the Papers that we Write from the Heart of the Open Hearted
These are the Epistles the and the Assembly Kit
We are Assembling the Armies of Peace
You are the Peace Corps
The Body of Christ and the Avatar on Earth
We Believe in You .. Have Faith Have Courage
To Shine as the Stars that you Are
Help your Fellowmen Now to Transcend into the Ascension
Swing the Mood of the Climax
The Kundalini Stairway to Heaven
We are the Bringers of the Golden Sun
Our Son – The Dalai Lama
He is the Soldier of the Word
The Master Magician of the Key Heart
Open your Eyes Believe what is Happening for it is Truly Is
Shut Out the Distraction and
Prepare Yourself for the Time of your Life
In the Hope and In the Harmony
All that you have Ever Dreamed of..Coming True
In the Truth and In the Knowledge
We Give you our Son
The Christ – The Dalai Lama 
Love Him with All Your Heart
For there is No One Else that will Supercede Him
For Thine is the Kingdom The Power and the Glory
Now and Forever
The , Dalai Lama, Gautama Buddha and Amareni of Agarthea
Your friends Awaiting You Here and Now .. With Love