07/14/2010 by John

As humanity prepares itself to return to Reality, by awakening into
its natural state of full consciousness, there is and excited
anticipation in the , as we see you all stirring in your
sleep. We look forward eagerly to the moment of your awakening when we
shall delight in watching your astonished happiness as you do awaken,
realize where you are, and join with us in enthusiastic celebration of
this momentous occasion. Reacquainting yourselves with old friends —
angels, teachers, mentors, and guides — whom you have always known and
loved either in the spiritual realms, or when they have joined with you
in the illusion for mutual help and guidance, will delight you all.

To know yourselves once more as you truly are — beings of infinite
perfection — and to recognize everyone you have ever known shining with
the brilliance of that perfection will indeed be a wondrous ongoing

It does not matter, how ever frequently we enter the illusion to
nudge you, to remind you, and to encourage you to open your hearts to
accept and receive the outpourings of your Father’s for
you, that in the illusion you are scarcely aware of us, so focused are
you on its addictive distractions. This is because we know with absolute
certainty that that state of affairs is coming to a timely end, that
all your fear, suffering, and anxiety will cease, and that you are to
awaken finally into the state of divine bliss that is your eternal Home.

As you live and experience yourselves in the illusion it does seem
that this momentous event, that is fast approaching, has taken an
inordinate amount of time in coming. Sentient life has been
experiencing existence in the ilusion for eons, but you need to remember
that time and the sequence of events it is used to measure are also
part of the illusion. In Reality there is only the eternal moment of
NOW, in which everything occurs. In the illusion also there is only the
now moment, the past and the future are just intellectual concepts you
have conceived to help you try and understand it. Being illusory, it
cannot be understood, because truly it does not exist, and if you will
make a point of being continuously aware of “now” (this moment, right
now, as you are reading this) as it occurs, and accepting it as it is
and for what it is, you will find your fears and anxieties easing as
peace fills your awareness in every moment.

You are so conditioned to using and accepting the apparent flow of
time that it is very difficult for you to focus in the eternal present,
even though your science has demonstrated irrevocably that time, as you
think you understand it, does not exist. Life in the illusion truly is a
most confusing state of existence, so it is good that it is due to fade
away into nothingness and release you from its meaningless embrace.

Know that as you awaken into Reality multitudes of loving beings will
be there to greet you and to assist you with the enormous
transformation in your experiential awareness that will occur in that
wondrous moment. All has been divinely arranged to ensure the
transition that you are about to undergo will be an experience of
glorious exhilaration leading to eternal ecstasy in the Presence of your
loving Father.

With so very much love, Saul.

The transition that you are about to undergo will be an experience of glorious exhilaration