The earth is not a barren or hardened rock.  It has an essence and must as we are doing in the years ahead.  You will stand as a tall lighthouse comforting those who do not understand this or who have fear in their eyes.  There will be safety and honor, for you are placed where it is necessary and of your own doing.  It is the new knowledge at your intuitive level that what is going on is what has been already planned by yourselves.   Windows of opportunity are planned by you in advance therefore you are not predestined to do anything.  Greet, as the ancients did…..the stars, the sky and waters and so on.  The wind will then harbor you and keep you safe and especially the waters that you travel on.  The new age is about the enabled human.   create their food on a daily basis and do not worry and you will too learn how to live in the sufficiency of now, this is abundance.  this with spiritual self and intellectual nature of intelligence and you will have it all.   Stop separation in all things in the universe and even with yourself.  Talk to your and say "We are hurting in the foot, what would spirit have us do to mend the pain etc…"    Your will talk with you.  Ask to "void Karma."  To live as long as you consiously from this forward.   The new human doesn’t need death and rebirth, eliminate the death hormone by co creating with your body.  A new belief equals a new life.   This planet will be the guardian of truth even when disorder is what you see presently.  You will feel peaceful because you will create peace.  Others may go through their processes and you will not judge them.  Each person is part of your collective .  How we negotiate on our planet now will reflect how we negotiate on a larger scale with those of galaxies.   We must become "involved with ending war by bringing love and order to our world."