I traveled for three days and found that people were generally wonderful.  In everyone seemed unreserved and very friendly.   When visiting Niagra Falls, its beauty is a reminder that life is abundant in its simplicity.  Then onto Lily Dale which is a spiritualist retreat, the wooded areas were even more colorfully green.  Most often when we are receptive and yielding to events just happening as they will, sets the tone for new intentions.  Having no expectations I was first open to receiving (which healers do often) and then secondly came giving.    It seemed that the message was to wage peace and to live securely, deeply within oneself.   Birds sing daily and people should also.  It creates higher and breathing, intaking .  It is a skill that can be learned but knowing the difference of having a feeling versus your feelings having over you is important.  Balance is vital to the universe and to us.  Sometimes silence allows us to see and to hear.    Use the opportunities you have now as I know from experience that most of us say no more than is necessary.   If a person offers me something with love, I will accept it because a gift is given with open hands.  The planets circle the as all things circle around one another.  Follow what you naturally are drawn to and that will lead to greater exuberence.  Let unusual events carry you to new circumstances.  Whenever you are not ready is when things begin to happen.  Mainly its vital to focus on choosing with all your heart what you desire and never looking back.   In traveling again for the weekend I will look for the good and know that I can be a channel of , and serve humanity.