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Monday, 12 July, 2010 

Unused Potential

In our process of awakening to our true
selves, which is that which expresses our and power, we become
aware of our unused potential. These are the things we could have done,
the person we could have become and the life we could have had. And it
makes us feel sad and depressed. Looking at our past from the present
moment we see all of our missteps, our fear and our misguided actions.
Can we get those moments back? What happens to our unused potential?

are many different paths we could have taken with our lives but the one
we chose was the only one that was available to us given what we needed
to learn in a , as long as we were on the path of our karmic
destiny. The other options were there but at that time, we were either
too afraid or to enmeshed in fulfilling our soul to consider
them. They were the choices that scared us, that we thought we could not
do or there were too many on that path for us to venture onto

So many times we choose what we think is the easier path, not
realizing that it is the one that restricts the expansion of our
potential, that keeps us on the path towards our destiny. When we are
aware that we have ‘wasted’ our potential we think that since life is
short we have thrown those chances away and we are forever barred from
discovering what treasures may have been available to us. But potential
is never wasted and it takes on new forms as we are prepared for it.

life we could have had is the one we can have now, without the burden
of living through our karma. Everything that could have brought us joy
in the past can be transformed into an opportunity for joy in the
. Our to be open to the potential of this
moment, while rekindling our dreams that we have let sleep within us,
creates new potential from the ashes of ‘what could have been.’ Then we
can find the joy, success and peace that we thought we lost because we
let opportunities pass us by. They are not gone, they just lie waiting
for us to remember who we are and to create an opening for them to
manifest for us.

Forbidden Potential

Isn’t it funny that
the more awareness we have of the true limitlessness of the Universe
around us, and therefore of our potential, the more we feel limited in
our choices? How could we possibly do all of those things in one
lifetime? How and what do we choose? And are we making the right choice?
The strange thing about potential is that what we embrace generally
does not belong to us. The potential we tend to choose is that which has
been handed down to us through our soul groups, emotional DNA, and
karmic heritage. Outside of that is our forbidden potential, what our
parents warn us about and what, when we can identify it, sets us free.

we are willing to have the courage to move out of the range of
potential that has been created for us through our soul groups, the
potential we are aware of and use is limited to whatever the generations
before us have done. No matter how weak, ineffective, fearful and
oppressed we think our parents are, unless we raise our energetic
vibrations so we can see the potential that has been hidden from us, we
will adopt their potential as our own. Without a shift in our own
, it is impossible for us to be aware of any potential outside the
range that we have been told is safe.

Our soul group does not
deliberately limit our potential, they simply teach us according to what
they have learned and experienced as safe. Unless they were determined
to move beyond their parents’ potential boundaries, our parents live by
the rules and limitations they were taught. In some cases these
limitations are good, such as staying close to your mother or not
crossing the street alone, which works when we are children. But then we
become teenagers and protection becomes oppression-and each time we try
to step into the zone of forbidden potential we are stopped by our
parents’ fears. Do we strike out on our own or suppress our dreams and
follow their safer, tried and true route?

And then one day our
forbidden potential calls out to us and we have to choose whether we
will venture in its direction. Do we dare see what is on the other side
of the mountain? It’s a big choice and a huge step for our soul group
because if we can, then we show them what is possible and they will
either embrace us for our courage or condemn us for our audacity,
waiting to see whether we succeed or fail in our endeavors. Where does
your forbidden potential lie? What dreams or desires do you have for
your life that no one else has been able to accomplish? Do you dare step
onto that path and, one step at a time, create a new range of potential
for yourself? Whatever your heart’s desires are leading you towards is
your forbidden potential. Take a chance and see what happens, it is the
only way to know.

(Note: These are two articles on the topic
of potential that were originally published separately)

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