Who is ready to consider this ?
In effect, Gerald,

I am quite sure we saw something similar pass by on before. And it does help to consider ‘the other’s’ …..

Dre’I saw that the force of darkness, Lucifer, is here as a result of an
intentional choice, rather than the result of an accidental ‘fall’ from a
previous . That the Lucifer has lived among us
for nearly 200,000 years, for the sole purpose of ‘anchoring’ the
extreme of darkness, because you and I have asked for that
polarity to find our strength. Using the power attained by becoming the
highest of the high and the Brightest of the Bright, Lucifer holds our
mirror of dark experience so that you and I may know ourselves in
darkness, as well as in light. In the knowing, we find the power within
ourselves as our truest nature of compassion. Where is the challenge of
living compassionately in the light, when all that exists is light? It
is light, referenced to dark, that draws from us our truest nature for
our very survival. Is it possible that the Archangel Lucifer, in perhaps
one of the greatest acts of compassion ever witnessed in our ancient
memory, willingly gave and continues to give of himself as our personal
mirror of darkness because he loves us so much? To find our balance we
must know our extremes.

Who holds the extremes? Is it possible that, in his unconditional love
for us, Lucifer has immersed himself into the very opposite of all the
light that he had attained, to hold that possibility for us so that we
may know ourselves in all ways? Could Archangel Lucifer love us that

…Lucifer showed me himself, trusting me to see and remember his
innocence. As I saw him cry, I felt his . I sensed his loss
and the separateness that he has endured for over 200,000 years. I
believe that he is pleased to see our cycle nearly complete. I believe
that he is tired and wants to come home. I sense that we all feel his
longing for home to some degree. Lucifer’s home and our home are one and
the same!