From time to time they surface in the , these ‘non-believers’ who wonder why on we are still waiting, for what in their eyes will never happen. True, the stories have gone on for ages, with hardly any variation. But I doubt if many of the moorelifers are actually ‘waiting’…..

As for why I do it? Well, if first of all I didn’t have this feeling deep down inside that it is the most likely story , because it feels right, down to some of  the unlikely details, I’d have scrapped long ago. I know, I almost did a few times, but that had more to do with external circumstances than with ‘losing one’s ’.

But where else on the planet can we find such a diverse group of people, some more or less anonymous, that get along fairly peacefully, while  considering their to others? I don’t read minds, but it is  my gut feeling that most of the visitors here are generally more concerned with others, than with themselves. And that’s a great group to be with!

I can’t say I won’t ever be waiting: especially the more subdued times give me this idea of: &;And now something has to happen first, or I’ll stop believing all this&; But weirdly enough, something always does, and usually just in time!

Keep the Faith,