In hindsight, the intention that got me onto my bike this morning is no longer important, since it never materialized. But hey, I should be used to that after five years of on and off success in manifestation, right? And probably this minor thing just wasn’t in the works with regard to the big stuff I still am expecting. But it got me on my bike, on a sunny Sunday morning, with a cool breeze running down my back….

Out of the city through the nearest exit tunnel, where Yolanda (a friend) warned me of broken glass inside the tunnel. My tires survived the challenge, as did the running shoes of the guys I warned in turn out of the tunnel. I’d wished for meaningful interactions, and although not quite the level I meant, I did get those in the first few minutes already.

Through the meadows, with cows, sheep, horses and various birds and insects, onward through Vierakker, towards the banks of the IJssel river. Found a bench opposite a meadow full of sheep, which seemed to be peacefully coexisting with the crows and ravens that were also available in large number.  The IJssel river ran behind it, and a yacht passed. And then it occurred to me that such mechanical contraptions seem to bother the animals: the sound level of the sheep and birds rose markedly as the yacht was passing, and subsided the moment it passed the bend further up the river.

Continued along the river into the town of Zutphen, and made a second stop on the quay, where the street in front of the benches was littered with the remains of a McDonalds meal. No wonder, because those in of providing litter bins have placed plenty, but given them such small access holes even the box of a Big Mac cannot fit. As a result people ’t compact their trash before throwing it in, but just drop it wherever it will fall. Thus a five  minute cleanup detail preceeded my second bench , right in view of the old bridge.

Lots of birds here too, and even a dog on the other bank, swimming against the current of the IJssel river, which is quite phenomenal: some ten years ago, my little nephew drowned not twenty meters from here, and was only retrieved after a three day search. 

The route back took me by the gym, and I briefly played with the thought of getting a nice latte machiatto there before heading back home. But I had no sporting gear with me, so it seemed useless to just go in there for a coffee. against it, a cycled the way home under a virtuoso choir of birds song, 

And even now while I’m typing this, the dragonflies come popping in the garden door to watch. So yes, lot’s of friends, even while I’m obviously not knowledgeable about what I want or need. But just stopping doing that is also no option, because then you’ll just loose interest in everything and everyone…..

Love the Surprise, it’s all there is….