Posted: 27 Jul 2010 10:58 AM PDT

Channeled for Life by

Dear Ones,

Yes. Finally yes!

Many of you are beginning to feel different – as if the weight of the
world is no longer on your shoulders – as if there truly is light at
the end of the tunnel. Again, we say, “YES.”

Now we are fully aware that not all of you have yet crossed over to
joy and peace – you may yet have a few hurdles. But more and more of you
are feeling the peace we have long discussed.

Does that mean you have inherited enough money never to worry about
bills? Not necessarily. Does that mean you have found the mate or job
of your dreams? Not necessarily. You have found a peace with where
you are. A sense that all is right with your world, even though physical
evidence may speak to more pain and trauma.

attract like thoughts, feelings and
circumstances. And so it is for those of you who are beginning to
believe that the sigh of relief you have been feeling in the last few
hours is genuine. It is.

You cannot move forward into , as long as trauma and
fear are your key thoughts. The peace you are beginning to feel is the
knowledge that all is right with you and your world. And so it is.

We have relayed similar thoughts to you for a very long time. But
never have those thoughts corresponded with a specific burst, as
has happened and will continue to happen for the next few days.

You can fret and cry all you want, but your tears of trauma will not
last long. Let us return to an image of childhood. Do you remember your
toddler being heartbroken one moment and giggling the next? How do you
suppose that was possible?

Your toddler knew without a doubt that even though he may have been
hurt one moment, his parents or someone would make it better. Your
toddler believed that his world was complete and good…and so it was. It
was only as he advanced in years that he questioned the stability of his
life and his ability to maintain positive life experiences. It was only
with life that he began to doubt his world.

Sixty or so years later, we are helping you return to your initial
belief in life. Not the life you have come to expect, but life that
creates joy in your heart and makes your being right with the world…and

That is our gift to you, as well as your gift to yourself. For you
have been as instrumental in creating these energy bursts as have we.
You have directed the energies in a manner that will most help you move
into . Hence, the most recent  of life is good
and life is grand.

We will close for now. Even though this thought may seem repetitious
to other materials you have accessed in the past few years, we will tell
you that this energy burst in so much more. 

Allow the fears of the past to melt away. Allow your belief in the
goodness of life and of others to return. Most of all, allow yourself to
know without one iota of doubt that you cannot and will not fail to
move into joy – if not today, then tomorrow.

You have requested and received the burst of joy that will allow you
to forget your pain and to again see the beauty of life..and all of the
joy that entails. So be it. Amen.  

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