Channeler: sheryl pedersen

Question for the Lady of the Sun:

In what way is the Dec 2012 reference point significant for humanity and earth?


So many people are talking about the Mayan calendar indicating the
end of the world is coming. And people are talking and writing and
telling people they must be ready for the big that will
happen. And so many just want to know what is coming so they can be
prepared. We observe all of this and and even laugh at times at
the that a small piece of information is causing.

In truth, your world as you know it is changing and the end of an age
is approaching, but the end of the world as a physical being is not
possible. The that makes up the planet will always exist for as
far into the future as any of you can imagine.

What will change is what the energy will be like in what you know as
coming days, for in reality there is no past or future, but many of you
find this hard to understand and this is not the time to try to explain
this concept. We’ll save that for another day.

Yes, there will be changes and yes, they will be noticeable changes,
but will it be traumatic? Not very likely, unless you want it to be that
way. If all of you begin to focus on a particular date bringing the end
of your world, then you do have the power to create this experience for
yourselves. You will experience chaos if you choose, but we suggest
that you pick another option which is completely within your power to

What will occur if enough people on earth agree, is a dimensional
shift, a shift in energy that will affect how you interact with the
planet and with each other. It will be a shift in how you feel, how you
live your life, how you choose to spend your time and how you relate to
beings in spirit who are always around you.

The as you know them – the block between your human selves and
your spiritual self and other beings in spirit will be the biggest
change that you will notice. Many people will by this time be fully
integrated with their multidimensional selves and in direct
communication with Spirit or God if you prefer this term.

And imagine a world where a large number of inhabitants have a direct
line to God, their guides and their angels at all times. This will
affect how they feel, how they act and what they do. This is a simple
way of explaining what it means to move into the 5th dimension as you
have heard this term.

The date for the fullness of this shift to happen is flexible.
December 2012 was a good estimate, but you are all beings of free will
which will not be interfered with. You get to choose how fast or how
slow this shift occurs. But know that it will occur, for it is not just
humans that are going through a time of adjustment to connect with their
own God selves, this is occurring in most species on your planet and in
the planet itself.

So, how do you prepare yourself for this auspicious occasion known as
the end of the Mayan calendar? Here are some tips from your friends who
are watching this all with great anticipation.

Connect with your intuition, your higher self, your God self or
whatever you choose to call that part of you that knows you are divine
and have direct access to Spirit. Ask for this to happen, learn skills
to connect with your intuition and beings in spirit and be confident
that this will occur when you ask.

Take some time each day to appreciate all the goodness of your life
and celebrate all that you have and the relationships that fill you up.
Express your gratitude for everything, for often you do not see the
silver lining in the clouds that come into your life, but there is
always a higher purpose for everything. Celebrate and welcome it all.

And be loving and generous with each other, sharing your resources,
your love, your wisdom, your talents and yourself with the people around
you and everything that makes up your beautiful planet. Love and care
for your trees, your water, your animals and all living things.

And, do not forget to be loving and generous to yourself, for this is
where so many of you are seriously challenged. It is time to be the
truth of who you are – to come out of hiding and let your brilliance
shine. Move into doing the work that you came here to do at this time
and celebrate the amazing being that you are.

Think about how you treat the person or pet that you love most in the
world and treat yourself in the same loving manner – opening your heart
to yourself and know that you are an aspect of God which is another
word for love.

And please, please, ask us for help, for that is what we are here at
this time to do. There are many angels and beings in spirit and other
light beings who are here now to assist with this shift into the 5th
dimension. Just ask for anything and we will do all that we can to make
it happen as long as it is in alignment with your free will choices.

We’re getting kind of bored and restless just watching and waiting
for you to give us permission to assist you with whatever you desire,
with whatever you would like to have in your life and your world. We
cannot interfere and we cannot do what you can do for yourself, we are
just here to help in every way that we can.

So, let go of the fear mongering, it just feeds the
that is resisting the coming changes, for many people are very
comfortable with the way things are. In truth, the ones who resist will
have the biggest challenge with this shift. For those who welcome this
movement into light, it can be a joyful journey into a new way of

I leave you with this thought. Love yourself, love others, love your
planet, love the beings in spirit and love all that you create to
experience in your life. That is the key to make a change with ease and
joy. And remember,

I love you – LOTS! (Lady Of The Sun)