What and can we expect in August 2010?

month has a sense of stability and a sense of together.  This
month you are going to see a lot of dynamics that have been hidden deep
under the surface come to the surface.  They have been hidden deep
within all of you.  They have been held as secrets in organizations and

This is a month when secrets are going to come
bubbling to the surface.  If you think of the year of 2010 as the
year of truth, through the year up until now, you have been dealing
with the truth, you have been looking at the truth, and you have had
to face some things in your lives that were difficult.  Now at this
point in the year, when you have cleared enough on the surface or the
more superficial levels of yourselves and of your organizations — now
you are ready to delve into the deepest, heaviest, darkest truths. 

is a time when secrets will be uncovered and much will be revealed. 
You are likely to see large collective taking place that
bring truth to light whether they be international conflicts that help
to reveal secretive agreements that were made between , or
whether they are that helped to reveal the flaws in
your systems.  The power dynamics that you have established between
different countries, different states, different organizations — all
of these things will be revealed through events that bring them to the
surface and call your attention undeniably to the truth about things
that you never could see before. 

You will also see this
process of exposure in your individual lives.  It is time now to face
the deepest, hardest truths of your life.  The things that have held
you back for decades, maybe even for many lifetimes before, will make
themselves known this month and it will take a lot of effort to resist
seeing these things. 

If you find yourself exhausted this
month, consider that you are exhausting yourself by resisting seeing
the truth.  Just look for the truth.  Keep asking yourselves on a daily
basis, what is it that I know here?  What is being revealed in this
situation?  Just keep asking yourself, what do you know?  What is true
for you?  What are you feeling?  What does that tell you about the
situation?  There cannot possibly be enough questions that you ask
yourself this month. 

It can be a difficult month, especially
if you are in resistance.  It can also be a difficult month because it
is painful to see truths that have long been held secret.  But
overall, this month has a very solid, stabilizing energy to help
support you through this.  This is a good month to explore the energy
of the divine masculine — the comforting, compassionate, stabilizing
parts of you.  Look for your strength and be willing to reach out to
get help from others and to help others.  But, make sure that you do
not try to help others to see the truth.  Trust that their environment
and their circumstance will lead them to the truth in their own
perfect time.  Instead, reach out to one another and offer support in
the form of compassion.  Do not tell people the answer.  Simply hold
them in comfort and love as they uncover the answer for themselves. 

Are there any other ways that we can work best with the energy of this month?

that would be beneficial and makes a big difference for all of you
this month is if you will individually decide to move forward with the
truth rather than trying to pretend that things will go back to the
way they were.  This can feel like a very powerless position at this
point of the evolution of humanity because the problems are so big and
far-reaching, that deciding to face the truth does not really seem to
make much difference at all.  It just makes you feel very aware of
how powerless you are in this moment to change or affect the entire

The more of you that decide to accept the fact that
things are changing, that they will never go back to the way that they
were — the more of you who do this, the more you are making space in
society and in the world, for everyone to eventually step out of
denial and move forward.  You will not see the effects of this right
away, but it will make an enormous difference if you will gently,
consistently look to the future based on what you see happening now
rather than imagining how you can try to get things to go back to the
way that they were.  That will not happen.  Any efforts that you as an
individual or your government or large institutions make to try to
put things back the way they were, will turn out to be just patches
that eventually wear through. 

Are there any power days this month?

August 7 through 15 is a time of special power.  This is a time when
it is most potent for you to access the divine masculine. (It will serve you to listen to the Akashic Transformations channeling on the Divine Masculine to learn more about exactly how you can access the divine masculine.)  This
week is a time to call forth your inner strength.  Decide to step up
to the plate and take care of yourselves and take care of anything in
your sphere of influence.  It is an important time for taking

August 30 has a benevolent, calming, expanding
energy.  It is like a cosmic hug.  Look for a way to take good care of
your body, mind, and spirit on August 30. 

Is there any final information the Keepers want to say about this month?

The Keepers want to say that the truth can be difficult to face, but
the truth is what brings you your power.  There is an enormous amount
of hope available this month.  That hope resides completely in your
willingness to dig for the deeper truths — let them come to the
surface and see them for what they are.  If you really let go of the
past and you really let go of the old attachments, what you will find
is an incredible amount of hope and energy for the future. 

you feel hopeless or exhausted this month, again, you can know that
somewhere deep within you are resisting the truth or denying what is
really happening, trying to hold onto the past.  If you find yourself
exhausted this month, keep looking for any part of your life or the
world around you in which you are holding resistance or standing in
denial.  If you will do that, you will keep uncovering the truths that
set you free.  Reclaiming the hopefulness that is your birthright at
this quickly evolving, very energized and exciting time in the story of

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