Can you tell us more about the Rapture, as understood
by some modern Christians?  Will it happen?  If so, when will the
bodies of believers be in the Rapture?

What people
have called the rapture in certain religions will not occur as a
single, massive event.  Instead, it is occurring to each of you
individually, one by one.  This is part of the process of Enlightenment
and it is something that has been happening to people throughout
history, but very rarely.  One of the reasons that some religions have
identified the idea of a singular event for the rapture is that as
humans, you have picked up on a fact that rapture, or Enlightenment, is
happening on a more widespread basis more often now than it ever was
before.  It is becoming more available to all of you. 

Here is
what happens.  What you call a rapture experience for an individual is
the thing that occurs when you as an individual remember so completely
who you really are.  Remember so consciously that you indeed are just
, just light, just spirit that it is no longer possible for you
to retain your energy within your human body and you leave your human
body.  One of the phrases the Keepers use, or Jen uses as a channel for
the Keepers is to say that you twinkle out.  It is like if matter and
energy are interchangeable, which indeed they are, then it actually
takes a great deal of effort for your soul to hold all that energy in
physical form.  When you really truly remember who you are, not just as
an idea, not just as a thought, but as a true remembering, yourselves
immediately shift back into light and you are no longer in your body. 
You no longer exist as a human being. 

Of course when this
happens, you will no longer be living the human life that you are
living now.  It is an oversimplification to say that this will be a
single event that occurs to all of you, based on some external
authority like God or some other divine being who will decide for you
when it happens.  It will decide for you how it happens or to whom it
happens.  Actually this is completely driven by you as an individual
soul and is not driven by your conscious mind.  Your higher self drives
it, which is the true you, who can see everything about your journey,
knows exactly what is right for you and exactly when.  As a human
being, consciously, there is nothing for you to wait for actually. 
Nothing is going to happen to you.  You will, in your own time, when it
is perfectly right for you, remember who you truly are and shift into

Until that happens, it does not really serve you to try
and it certainly does not serve you to try to determine who will be
“raptured” and who will not.  For in fact, this really has nothing to
do with religion.  It has to do with who you are on your individual
path on your individual journey.  As long as you still have something
to gain from living your human life, you will stay here.  This is true
about the choice your soul is making about whether to be raptured or
whether to go through a normal human death.  This rapture, or
twinkling, is no easier or better than going through death.  It is just
a very different process.  Death gives you a process.  It gives you a
journey to move from your human self back to your higher self. 
Twinkling, or the rapture, eliminates that process and simply allows
you to simply switch in a single moment. 

From the prospective of
the Keepers, or any of the higher beings, there is no good or bad,
there is no judgment on whether you are good if you go through a
rapture or not.  There is just no weight or gravity here.  People who
think about the idea of the rapture through their religions, part of
what happens is those religious institutions lead you to see this
process as being a reflection of whether you are being good or bad. 
Each of you who are working with the idea of the rapture, you assign a
great deal of heaviness to the idea of the rapture.  For in your heart,
you have been led to believe that your goodness, your own divinity,
your own worthiness, relies on whether you go through a rapture or

As long as you still have a question about your own
goodness, as long as you still feel as if there is something wrong with
you, as if you were something other than light or love, as long as you
feel that, then you still have a good reason to be here on Planet
Earth living a conscious, human life because much of human life is set
up for you to forget who you really are — to forget that you are truly
good through and through.  Then to go through a long, slow process of
healing, otherwise known as remembering who you really are, coming to
realize that everything is light.  Everything is love.  That you are
made of light and love and that it is inherently antithetical to who
you are to act out of any motivation other than love.  As long as you
are still working to remember that, you will not go through the
rapture.  You will stay here working on that.  That is what you came
here for.  (July 2010)

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