AUGUST 15, 2010

Blessed Are You ! We Greet You with a Heart-Felt Welcome, Welcome One & All.
We invite each of you to take a moment here to settle into your chairs
and become comfortable. And as you begin to settle into your seats feel
your body being supported at this time.
We invite you to focus on your breath now and for the next few minutes
as you quiet the mind leaving your cares of the day behind you as you
breathe in the stillness of Peace into your Being as you breathe into
your heart. Breathe with us now for the next few moments.

Allow your focus to settle into your , into the Sanctuary of
Your as you continue to breathe. Feel the Peace…
yes, feel the Peace as you continue to breathe in the Crystalline Golden
Light particles which are now brightly illuminating within your Sacred
Heart Center. Recall the Golden Chalice of your Heart Center, for you
are the Holy Grail of Reunification, and know that as you continue to
breathe you nourish your entire body and each cell of your Body as you
breathe in the Crystalline Golden Light particles which are all around
Please pause here for a few moments to just breathe! KNOW that as you
focus on your breath you Honor your body with Love & Acceptance for
providing the vehicle for this amazing journey of Awakening. Please take
these few moments to pause with Conscious Love & Acceptance of the
Self and of your body as you breathe into your Heart Center.


During the first half of this month the Photon Light has remained
fairly steady and high with a slight down turn and fluctuation the last
half of the month. The energies and the light may continue to move
downward and begin to feel slower as we move into the Mercury Retrograde
period that begins August 20 and will run its 3 week course until
September 12. As always, now is a good time to back up your computers
before we pass through this cycle. Also make copies of important papers
to ensure you have them safely tucked away. Send all high priority
messages NOW. During the retrograde period make sure you double check
everything, especially the details of important matters, contracts,
travel information and information you receive during this time, and in
the matter of contracts if at all possible, it is best to sign them
before or after the Retrograde period. (You can create this, just
decide, ask, and trust). As we enter into the Retrograde period this
will be a time to review and to reflect on that which has occurred since
the last Mercury Retrograde of April 18 – May 10.

Many creative energies have been part of the Journey through this
summer. Miracles have occurred, Great Work by dedicated Lightworkers,
and our Galactic as well as Spiritual Families have "lent us a hand" in
transforming much of the energies "running amuck". Great work has been
accomplished on the Crystalline Grid OF Christ Consciousness supporting
the energies of Unification, the in the has
been transmuted and new technologies have been introduced so that the
damage to the marine life has been dramatically reduced. Some of the new
technologies have been inspired and received by humans, yet a large
portion of the transformation was accomplished through Spiritual
Practice and Alchemy by those dedicated to Healing the Waters and Animal
Life affected by this man-made disaster.

Whether we recognize it in the moment or not, ALL EXPERIENCE IS
PERFECT! As devastating as the Oil spill was it has made a LASTING
IMPRESSION on the population of the world and is pushing "the wake up"
button for many people who have been fast asleep. Steps to implement and
accelerate alternative methods to "fuel" our vehicles and power our
homes & businesses have been initiated as a result of this disaster.
There is purpose in all experience.

The Lions Gate of 08-08 ushered in great waves of Unity Consciousness
which are assisting in healing the deep wounds of Separation
Consciousness, hearts are softening and expanding, these energies are
simply awaiting our application in our daily lives moment by moment as
we choose to stay alert to the moment in front of us to choose Love and
usher in more of the Unification energies available to us.

During these intense Alignments occurring throughout this summer the
polarities have certainly been doing their "Polarity Dance". Wonderful
uplifting energies have been experienced to be followed by incredibly
intense challenges.

During this last month the energies have most definitely remained
INTENSE! The whole summer has been an intense journey of TRANSFORMATION,
and refining of who we are. I feel most of us can probably say WHEW,
are we done yet?! So many have had physical challenges, while others
have faced continual clearing of the Emotional & Mental Body.
Whatever form of transformation has shown up in your world the majority
of us have felt as though we have been through "a very challenging
period" no matter what form it has taken in your world. It has been
challenging to be the "Master" within our own reality for sure, and has
tested our ability to stop, BREATHE & CHOOSE Consciously. As the
energies begin to slow down, this will be a perfect time to reflect on
the experiences of this summer’s journey through "Heavens Kiln".

For many the energies have been so intense it has been very
challenging "not to react" in the now moment. Even though many were
applying the "Observer Self" the intensities seem to push all imbalanced
energies to the surface from deep within the Emotional Body causing
emotional outburst which would then lend to the need to apologies to
usher in more healing. During these times it is most valuable to not
judge, but to simply observe. Were these outbursts from either you or a
loved one, it is very valuable to take a few moments to reflect on the
emotions and if these emotions came from you, forgive this aspect of the
self that was stuck in fear or a past wound and assure them that they
are loved and that no blame is found. Let them know that you will stand
by vigilantly to "mend the fences". Let them know they are safe and
Loved beyond measure. If the outbursts were from a loved one or an
associate, do not judge them Bless them with your forgiveness.
However, if this activity is a pattern within your workplace you may
wish to recognize that it would potentially be healthy to look for
another employer, or report the issue to an HR department or the like.
If this outburst from another is a family member that habitually repeats
these behaviors now would be a good time to re-evaluate your living
arrangements and make healthier choices.
It is so important to Love & Respect oneself enough to make the
healthiest choices for you! (Healthy would mean Loving) In Truth when
you make these decisions you will most likely discover that the behavior
of the other individuals has recently been transformed. (This would be a
result of choosing to Love You, no matter what)

EVERYTHING that is manifesting in your Physical Body, Emotional Body,
or Mental Body that is unpleasant, uncomfortable or making you feel
anxious, ill or out of balance in ANY way is showing up to be Transmuted
back into the Light. This can look like a panic attack, anxiety
attack, anger, physical symptoms of aches & pains, or the flu,
anything that is not reflecting Joy and Love is being pushed to the
surface to be transmuted. We recommend "Daily Showers in the Violet
Transmuting Flame" to support you through the remainder of this amazing
journey of Transformation. Anything that has been an issue has shown up
for transmutation. Even more people are going through the experience of
"feeling" the need to just BE, finding that daily chores and activities
are truly a challenge to complete. Many are finding their thought
processes void of content and doubting their ability to follow through
with much mental activity at all. (I can relate, I wasn’t sure I would
be able to write this month’s Newsletter while work was demanding all of
my ability to focus my thought processes and at day’s end I just
couldn’t seem to think at all.) WHEW!

There is one other potential for those that are experiencing the
physical symptoms is that whatever the issue is, this can be "Souls Way"
of distracting you and slowing you down, especially if it involves
physical symptoms of flu or illness. Many have felt so drained by these
"flu like" symptoms which many of you are experiencing is that they
simply don’t have the to do much of anything, especially "think a
lot". This is in its PERFECTION so that we can move out of the left
brain and simply "feel". We are not referring to emotions here so much
as we are referring to "sensing". What "feels" different to you, what
have you noticed recently that is "DIFFERENT" from before these intense
energies began to "roll in" like waves from the ocean.

One of the most important evolutionary steps that lays before us is
to consciously choose to focus on moving out of the Left Brain and move
into a Right Brain focus from where we can more consciously apply
"Higher Mind" Wisdom as it is directed and guided by our Heart which is
the Doorway to the Right Brain World of All Potentials. In this way we
are supporting and building the "Rainbow Bridge" between both worlds, or
realms of Being, in other words becoming Whole Brained.

Now more than ever it is vital to remember that you are the Creator
of YOUR REALITY. Daily as you awaken for the day, set the tone by
Giving Thanks for a WONDERFUL DAY! Actually say out loud "Everything
that I need today is already showing up, isn’t it Great! (If you like,
state some things you would like to show up). In order for this to
really work it is important to believe this and to Joyfully give Thanks
for all that you are saying thank you for. (on that note we shall


Truly the real secret to manifesting anything is to be able to
genuinely feel True Joy that it is already yours, NOW! Feel it with
your emotions, see yourself taking actions based on whatever it is that
you are claiming NOW. State clearly with conviction how wonderful it is
that you are now ___________! Thank your Higher Self for assisting you
by aligning the energies necessary to manifest this Joyful activity,
thing, or state of Being that is now yours. The importance of this
being REAL for you NOW IS VITAL, see yourself celebrating this being
true for you right this minute, not tomorrow, or next week. We also
highly suggest that you may want to add that this is all yours now as
you experience receiving this with Divine Grace and Ease.

I, Wendy-Marie, the channel, recently experienced receiving joyfully
something I had "claimed as mine" and at the time didn’t think to
mention that I receive it with Grace & Ease. I have a significant
amount of debt that I have affirmed is paid off and what happened was a
bit humorous when you look at the big picture but at the time it wasn’t
so funny, in that I was SO BUSY at work that I could not keep up with
the demand that was being put on me to keep up with it, so the potential
for earning a lot more money to pay off this debt had shown up, and is
still present yet it was throwing me out of balance as I was not
sleeping much for a couple of weeks trying to cope with and keep up with
the work load, then I finally realized that I needed to ask that I
receive all that is now mine with Grace and Ease (smiling)! WHEW!!! I
did end up receiving a some help to cope with part of the workload,
Thank you Divine Grace & Ease! I wasn’t sure I would get this
month’s Newsletter out, the way things were looking.

The KEY is to be fully engaged in what you are claiming as yours.
Really engaging your Emotional Body, your emotions with true Joy, while
at the same time you Engage your Mental Body, by actively seeing in your
"inner eye" all that you see yourself doing as you experience having
what you are now claiming! Really let this play out in your mind, have
fun with it, it is "as real" as you give life to it. Engage your
Physical Body by speaking out loud how happy you are now that
___________ and the vibration of your voice grounds this into the
physical plane, do a "happy dance" to further ground this into the
physical plane.

All the many times you may have attempted to create in the past that
has not been fruitful may have gotten stuck in the 4th dimension just
above the realm of physical manifestation. When we day dream we are
actually creating, the difference is there is no activity or action that
is reverberating with physical frequencies to add substance to that
which you are dreaming about. To truly achieve the manifest form of
that which we are claiming, it is very important to apply a physical
action or activity to substantiate your Gift you have just claimed as
yours, whether with your voice, writing it down, or doing a "happy
dance" or some other form of physical expression that grounds the
physical frequency for you.

Then the final step is to simply let it go and Trust. If at any point
you should "falter" in your faith, then the only way to cancel this out
is to CHOOSE to find your way back to feeling Joyful that what you have
claimed is NOW YOURS AGAIN! Until we can find the ability to have
unshakable faith, we are literally putting the "brakes on" what we have
just called into manifest form.

For those of you who have felt challenged with this, we invite you to
start with little things that you will not be "so invested in" that you
will worry about them. When you experience your victories with the
small things, each wonderful experience you "HAVE CREATED" will add
strength to your KNOWING that you are truly a CREATOR! Then we invite
you to increase "the importance" of that which you choose to manifest.


Beloved Ones, NOW more than ever it will serve us in the Highest
Light to recognize that our state of mind, or emotions is purely and
completely up to us. This state of being cannot be achieved through
another being or entity, such as an Angel delivering you from your
circumstances or a "Soul Mate" manifesting, or winning the lottery. We
will however mention that asking for Angelic or Soul Support IS a way to
experience some comfort during the "heat of the moment" when you are
truly out of balance. The Violet Flame is PERFECT to call in to assist
in the Transformation of what is so out of balance in the moment.

In my own journey I have found that calling is the Violet Flame will
rapidly support a fast transformation of that which in the moment is
seeming "like more than you can handle in that moment". Do your best
each day to "set the tone" for each day by calling in that which you
desire to experience, this helps to "set the stage" for your experiences
that day. Remember Dear Ones that each day is a new page for the
"Script in the movie of your Life", and more importantly, recall that
YOU are the , Director and Producer for your personal "movie on
the screen of your life". Or for those who are "Trekies", Life is like
a "Holo Deck" and YOU are the writer of the software program for your
"Personal Holo-Deck". The more we can integrate the understanding that
this is exactly how life works the sooner we will begin to truly take
responsibility for writing a New Script and begin to experience the True
Joy that we are intended to experience here on Earth/New Earth.

Yes, we know what you are saying… we can hear your voices quietly
saying, but what about the fact that there is a collective experience
that we are all sharing. This is true, yet you can select your personal
journey within that collective Holo-Deck that is shared. Remember in
all those movies how there is always someone or a group of people that
are not going through the difficulties and challenges that many of the
other characters in the same movie are experiencing, well, YOU CAN
CHOOSE to write that into your Personal Holo-Deck software that selects
your experiences with the group experience.

For those who don’t have an abundance of time in the mornings You can
"imagine" that you have several buttons on the Control Center for your
Holo-Deck, and/or a you can also have a "Remote" for your Holo-Deck
where there are options for the "setting of the day", or "selection of
program" for the day having open options to select.


1. Special Program (to create something special just for that day)
2. Standard Program (that is your "Standard Program" for daily experiences)
3. Weekend Program (this will be your program for how you wish to spend your weekends)
4. Alternative Program (this can be like your "Standard Program" that
may have some variations added to it for certain routine changes in your
daily experience)
5. Whatever you want to create

We invite you to "Program" JOY into each new software program.
Without the JOY, the "manifestation" process of the new programs will
not function properly to remain "solidly" implanted into the program.
This is a GREAT way to begin to build YOUR New Earth Reality, if you
haven’t found a different approach to creating your New Earth Reality
for you already.

And finally this is a wonderful way to entertain the Left brain
process for those of us who have an active left brain. More important
than anything it is SO VALUABLE to find ways to bridge the Right Brain
& Left Brain, so before entering into the creation of your Holo-Deck
Programming, begin by Breathing into the Chamber of Your Sacred Heart
Center and simply breathe for a few moments and then enter the field of
your imagination (Right Brain) and from there engage the building of
your Holo-Deck and it’s Programs. Stop here and there to just breathe
into your Sacred Heart Centers to "refresh" the Peace and Joy within as
you carry forward building your New Earth Reality through your
imagination. Find ways to fit JOY into each new day, whatever that
looks like for you! Give the Gift of Laughter to all you encounter, or
on those days you may need a lift yourself, find ways to laugh, for
laughter nourishes the Soul.


As we go forward one of the greatest realizations one can make is
that no matter what we are in the midst of experiencing there is DIVINE
PERFECTION at work. As we Master this we move into the flow of Divine
Grace and move to a new level of Mastering the Path of TRUST which in
turn opens the door to the greater Mastery of TRUTH! Your Truth, the
Truth of your Being. Even those days where we can barely manage to
"think" all is absolutely PERFECT. For the only realm to experience in
this "mode of operation" is within the Sacred Heart Center.

We recommend finding ways to nurture your Being. We suggest quiet
walks in nature, or by the ocean where you can enjoy a walk in the
nourishing environment of Gaia’s Beauty. Walk and breathe in the beauty
around you, or simply sit in the Peace that surrounds you. If you find
these areas unavailable, then find a garden or a park to sit quietly in
so that you may feel Gaia’s Love, Peace and Beauty. Connect with
’s core and feel her Love she holds for each of you. One
more way to nourish yourself is to fill the tub with comfortably warm
water, treated with your favorite essences and just allow the water to
nourish you and support you in these special moments of "Self Care".

KNOW that even in those moments where you just can’t do "anything",
or can’t keep your thoughts organized, ALL IS PERFECT! The ALL THAT IS,
is beautifully choreographing all the Energies and Waves of Light in
absolute Perfection at exactly the right time moving us purposefully
toward our Journey Home.

In this NOW time what I have found will serve us the most is to "slow
down" and notice what "feels" different in the energies. Have you
noticed? One of the main things that I have noticed is there is most
definitely a strong desire not do to anything I didn’t "feel" like
doing, a new emptiness at the same time was leaving me not even caring
to plan meals, do my chores on a regular basis, or "deal with" the
Blah, Blah, Blah or ordinary conversations. I just needed to be "still"
and to "feel" the energies. The energies are most definitely "higher
in frequency" and gentler to the heart. There is a joyful anticipation
of Greater things stirring inside of me and in the world around us,
however words simply cannot truly describe "these deeper feelings" that
can only be experienced. We invite you to go to this deeper place
within, they can be found within the Sacred Heart Chamber of your Heart
Center. We invite you to just "BE" and just "Breathe". The rewards will
be unnamable as words do not hold enough substance to describe the
beauty that is available as we seek this awareness within.

We invite you to simply surrender to the Moment, to your Breath, and
to the Love that You are! Enjoy the journey, discover the Miracles and
Magic that is YOU! For the surrender of the "ego", or left brain habits
is not loosing yourself, it is FINDING YOU, it is DISCOVERING YOU, it is
opening to EXPERIENCING LOVE as it has never been experienced before!
We invite you to receive this Gift of YOU, for this is the TRUTH OF YOUR
BEING and it is here that you will find your PASSION as you learn to

We invite you to spend time each day reflecting on the Truth of Your
Being re-enforcing the TRUTH, THAT YOUR ESSENCE IS LOVE. Breathe this
Essence of Your Own Light into your Being daily for it Nourishes your
body and your Soul Essence and assists in building the Light Body.
TRUST with a PASSION IN THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE, for this will nourish
your Mental Body and Emotional Body as you find your Perfect Balance

We invite you to embrace the Self with sincerity in your hearts as you affirm these words as your TRUTH!

And So It Is Beloved Ones, That We Honor You for The Journey You Have Chosen, You Are Loved beyond Measure!

Blessed Be,
We Are One, Master Dakon, Sariniela, Anjuriel, and the I AM That I AM