Y’all know me long enough to know that when I ask such a question, the following story will shed quite a different light on things. But hey, that’s the media approach: headlines are to shock, the article will tend to soften it up a bit. Otherwise newspapers do not get sold…..

Today’s tale is one of luck, both good and bad: me having a vacation-like day at work, where nothing went wrong, only to return home and find that my eldest daughter’s bicycle had been stolen, my ex couldn’t claim it on the insurance, and on top of that she’d transfered 1200 instead of 12 euro to someone’s !

When you’re right on top of it, like she was, that’s enough to drive you down the hole of sheer panic. No calm an rational thinking any more, but instead calling all stations with the bad news, and that horror story of having lost all that money!

To me, it was just business as usual: calm her down, show her the sunnier side, and help her in any way I can. In this case it meant mailing the shop concerned, to calmly explain the how and why, and to ask for speedy reimbursement. After all, that was about an entire months pay!

But after it was done, I noticed that my sunny disposition of this afternoon had totally not been injured by all that adversity! In fact, a from my poker buddy Patrick whom I met in the train last week gave me reason to be happy to know at least someone was making the big killings. Figuratively speaking of course, because as far as I know, nobody got hurt physically during that tournament in

Funny thing is, I am happy for those that succeed, but can no longer be sad for those that happen to hit rock bottom. To say it in Dutch might clarify things: we have two words called "medelijden" and "medeleven". The first means "to suffer with", while the second one means "to live with". I will absolutely do the last thing with anybody, whether their luck is good or bad. But the other thing? Sorry, no can do! And if that means I’m insensitive, so be it!

After all, life is what you think of it. And now I must probably remind myself of that, and LIVE IT!

Love doesn’t hurt! (Nazareth was wrong!)