A few weeks ago a friend and I were watching the night sky and saw at the same time two stars that followed each other then seemed to disappear slowly.  I was looking at youtube.com and found on the ufo site that a guy captured what we were saw on video.   I say stars because at first that is what they looked like but here is the twist, they were moving and weren’t both satilites.   There is more going on than meets the eye and we see a small percentage of it because of our daily, systematic, hectic lives.  I thought it fabulous that many more than myself are avid sky watchers and are taping, photography included these various escapades.  Its become a hobby really, to sit and have a glass of wine on my wicker furniture and scan the evening skyline.  There isn’t anything as beautiful as night ascending with hues of deepest blue and colbalt.  The chirpers are out and so are the cowboy cats that rustle through the bushes and flee to the other side of the street.  The are another interest of mine.  Geometic designs that are so complex and riddled with timely messages.  I half think that I am a genius coming up with possible perspectives and if we could all come up with an understanding of them we might come to know a great many things.  Tonight if you don’t have a mini telescope take out the binoculars and usher in a new avocation.