4:05AM, and my seventh or eighth wakeup call this . Yes, even in the maybe six I do (and quite soundly I might add), there are about eight to ten moments that I wake up, wide awake, wondering why I can’t a whole straight like most people I know…..

But I don’t. Instead, I do it in short sprints of deep sleep, followed by brief moments of total waking: usually a toilet followed by diving back into bed is enough to get me off to Dreamland again, in about ten seconds . Other , like the hour before I really have to wake up, a snack is in order, and a webcheck. And then it’ off to bed again, hoping the bad timing of this last won’t make me miss my two alarm clocks.  Or I could just skip that last bit, and add a morning update to the site….

OK , let me just get into some clothes, because doing this in my undies may be totally OK since I’m home, but it is rather chilly….

See you on the other of this track!