Posted: 10 Aug 2010 12:51 PM PDT

Channeled by for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us address an issue we have discussed previously – your fear of your powers and thereby, .

We have told you that the New Age is not about following or even caring about the dictates of others.

You have devoted this life and eons of previous lives to learning how
to disregard your inner voice in favor of someone who seems to have or
be what you want.  Granted, you had certain karmic issues you wished to
complete in each lifetime. But even in that regard, you allowed and even
encouraged others to control the direction of those lessons. Someone
volunteered to be the bad guy, the bad boss, the bad mate, the bad
politician or the bad parent so that you could complete your karmic
lessons as a victim who may or may not have triumphed over those you
felt were in control of your pain.

You were always in control of each and every life. You merely agreed
to learn those lessons in pain. And others agreed to be part of your
“passion play” – that was the over-all lesson of the Old Age – the past

The New Age has arrived.

Fewer and fewer people are willing to play the “bad cop.” Oh you may
find a few willing to give you a growl or two – but in essence, fewer
people want to play that role and fewer still are looking for someone to
do so. The pain game is over. You have moved through the Old Age
gracefully and beautifully.

The New Age is about pleasure. So claim it. Do not worry about the
poor soul who does not have all that you do. That soul is as strong and
capable as are you. Victims are no more. And those people who opt to
remain in the Old Age role of victim are finding it more and more

Maybe you are thinking that thousands are without work; millions live
in poverty and countless others continue to be battered and bruised.
Such is true – but those people are not fulfilling their inner direction
or the earth’s new direction, they merely are trying to remain in the
Old Age.

You are perhaps angry with this last thought. For indeed, you can see
the starving children a few blocks from your home. You observe in your
media as calamities strike  one geographical location after another. You
see the tears of anger, pain and frustration. No one would opt for that
life of pain if they did not have to.

Ah. Now you have reached the crux of your fear. “What if I follow my
inner voice and discover that it is wrong?” Is it not easier to blame a
boss, government official, parent or child than to take responsibility
for a direction that may be wrong?

This New Age is about accessing and implementing the messages of your
inner voice – which are never wrong for you. You may retort that
schizophrenic and psychotic people follow their inner messages and look
how far afield that takes them. Their’s is a different voice – a voice
of the Old Age. The voice they are following is emanating from their
mind, their ego – not their heart. And your need to believe that you may
be psychotic if you follow your inner voice is yet another indicator
that you are afraid of your power and of the New Age.

How can an Age of joy and happiness include thoughts of harming
yourself or others? Listen to your heart, your inner being. That is your
first and most important New Age lesson.

Your inner being will direct you to joy and lightness, for that is
the function of your inner being. A function you closed down
purposefully to more easily move through the Old Age. Now that it is
time to access it again, you are overlaying its benefits and the
resulting joy with fears produced through eons of living in the
victim/martyr/ roles of the Old Age.

Throw off your fears. Test drive your new inner thoughts and feelings.

But as is true for any fear, move through your fear of your inner
voice at your own pace. Perhaps your first step into the New Age might
be allowing yourself an ice cream cone or a quiet moment. It does not
matter. Does it give you joy? Then it is of the New Age. Does it make
you feel less than happy? Then it is of the Old Age.

Of course, there are still the naysayers telling you that such is
never possible. Life is about pain and then you die. How silly and
interesting that that last statement rings more true for you than does
the belief that life is about joy and then you transform into a
different form of joy.

Many of you read those last words and agreed. But observe your life,
your current reality. How much joy do you allow? How much pain do you
still expect? That is your personal measure of how you have accepted the
New Age.

The New Age is here. And all you have to do to enmesh yourself in the
joy that is the New Age, is to expect joy today, tomorrow and forever.
Does that thought seem like a fairy tale? Then you remain in the Old
Age. Does that seem like a possibility? Then you are tip-toeing into the
New Age? Is that your reality and your expectation? Then you are of the
New Age. So be it. Amen.

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