Posted: 24 Aug 2010 01:00 PM PDT

Channeled by for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Today, as has been true for many days these past few months, is
remarkable in terms of your future for a number of reasons
– one of which is the in Virgo with a Pisces moon.

Perhaps this day does not appear that unusual for many of you – that
is, until you review your feelings and thoughts. Is it not true that
those who follow astrological happenings most often anticipate at least
one negative occurrence during a full moon, and many negative
occurrences during eclipses and other more eventful astrological
happenings such as a Grand Cross?

Are your astrological notations not most often based on negative
results? Granted, the words to describe those events may not be based in
pain, but the expectations most often are. Do you not anticipate
upheaval and odd behaviors during a full moon? Are you not wary whenever
an eclipse occurs, even though you may ponder the possibilities with a
shiver of excitement – like the excitement you reserve for a plane crash
or natural disaster? Eclipses, , equinoxes feed into your
stream of delight based on “how awful it will be.”

Perhaps you deny your thrill at the possibility of disaster – your
need for excitement based in pain. We beg to differ. How many of you can
ignore a disaster in the making? Are your eyes and ears not glued to
your television or computer screen wondering how bad it can be? And do
you not delight in a media star’s comeuppance? You may deny your
culpability in disasters – but by delighting in such agendas, you are
inviting them into and onto the earth.

Now are we chiding you for such behavior? No. We are merely pointing
out that until you refuse to be part of the problem, you are the
problem. We are addressing the law of attraction in this channel.

You attract what you give your attention to. If that happens to be an
, an earthquake, a hurricane or a mass murder, that is what
you, as a society, will produce. Perhaps you feel that your news
channels are responsible for promoting such dramatic and negative
events…and so they are. But they do so because that is what you give
your attention to. You create your world…including what your news
channels discuss, what your television programs promote and what your
media stars produce. You do indeed create your own reality on every
level of life on earth as you know it.

Of course, you alone are not responsible for the news. Many of your
negative assumptions have been created and maintained by your society
for a variety of reasons – most notably in the last few centuries, all
of the aspects of the Old Age that allowed you to play both the victim
and the or bully.

Even though the Old Age no longer exists, you continue to promote
many aspects of that Age with your thoughts and expectations – not the
least of which is that astrological events, such as a full moon, are
something to be wary of. Old Age thinking. Old Age reactions. Old Age

How is it possible for you to shift your thinking and beliefs when
you are inundated by negative, Old Age beliefs via the media and even
some of your New Age teachers? For those of you gasping in disbelief,
review the words of those people who are predicting gloom and doom in
2012 or are warning you about this or that event with words something
like, “I hope this full moon is not too terrible for you.”

Those of you who have crossed over to , will find this
full moon glorious. Let us explain. Many of you woke up this morning
assuming that something uncomfortable would happen to you because it is a
full moon day, only to discover that this day is not that unusual or
uncomfortable. Instead, as Brenda has found even though her sun is in
Pisces and her moon in Virgo, today is quite joyful and fun.

If the New Age is about joy, would it not follow that major
astrological occurrences would emphasize that feature, just as pain and
victimhood were emphasized in the Old Age?

Are you not tired of trauma, hate and rage that seems to be a daily
function of your legislative representatives? Each and every day, are
you not feeling more and more the need for harmony and consensus? Are
you not finding corporate politics petty and boring? Are you not finding
the need to beg for a life of peace and joy abhorrent rather than
expected. Are you not finding that you are no longer willing to “turn
the other cheek,” and that you no longer wish to be in a position to
have to do so? A bit like watching two-year-olds fighting over a ball.
As an adult, you watch their actions and think how silly. As a person of
the New Age, more and more you are feeling something similar about
those contemporaries who insist on fighting over a ball or a concept.

How will all of this shift your current information stream? The media
will discover that those programs that promote positive rather than
negative thoughts will be more successful – just as is true currently
for the Oprah show vs other talk shows that promote fear and anger.

As for your astrological materials, many are being rewritten by those
who feel the need to address positive issues, rather than the fear and
pain that most Old Age astrological materials favored.

The New Age is about joy. Perhaps you cannot yet see that in your
private life. Maybe you have lost your job or your loved one has died.
But we will tell you, if you have not done so already, you will soon
wish to jump on the joy bandwagon – as many have. A bandwagon delivering
you to joy and laughter.

The life you have long pined for is here for your taking. So be it. Amen.

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