They couldn’t use the title because had already stolen it for his epic adventure on a faraway planet, and because of that, me and the girls will be seeing the Last Airbender tonight….

I know nothing whatsoever about the movie itself yet, but since it’s the real-life digitally enhanced rework of the animation series, I can at least tell you what I expect. Of course my kids wore out the TV when they were little, enjoying the adventures of Aang, Soka and Katara.

This series popularized the concept of Masters, capable of controling the elements commonly called Earth, Air, Fire and Water. As we al are masters in essence, I figure these cartoons were instrumental in raising consciousness in their time. After all, almost everything does, in a way!

If the digital tricks used here are anywhere near as well-developed as those in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, which we visited last month, I just know I’m going to enjoy this: seated on seat 222 (yeah, really!), one beauty on each side, this total immersion into the 3D world of the Avatar and his two will be sure to keep me in the for at least the entire movie. And then to think I already was in the all day….

Love what you like best,