Beloved Light Bearer, Star Being, Blue Ray, Earth Keepers, we
and all of the heavens, cosmos, galaxies, universe, universes, realms
and Councils, Committees of Light and Love that are for the positive
evolution of humanity, salute and honor you in the highest glory of love
and adoration!! You are all so very courageous divine Light Beings, and
have made monumental strides and shifts of ascension and light for
yourself and Gaia. 444

The last couple of months
have created a paradigm shift of acceleration of multidimensional
consciousness in your ascension process bringing you into 5D, the New
Earth. This has resulted from the numerous increases in cosmic
alignments, with the solstice, eclipses, and .

an ultra sensitive empath light bearer is an amazing feat of evolution,
as you in particular feel these changes and shifts within your
field. Know you have made tremendous strides in healing of cellular
mutation for yourself, genetics, lineage, Gaia and humanity. We wish to
acknowledge you as we see the changes in your light fields and energy
structures, even if you have not yet. Please acknowledge, love and bless
yourself as it is very important in the process of light and ascension.

may find yourself becoming even more sensitive in new ways of being,
sensing and multidimensional awareness. This new sensitivity is a Divine
Power, an ancient sacred tool for you to use and navigate through these
heightened frequency shifts and dimensional doorways. You are now
experiencing the star gates, the 9 dimensions, higher realms and
frequencies that were accessible only during the ancient times of ,
, and beginning of time.

Now until the year of
2013, the year of “the Goddess Cosmic Heart”, you will continue to
experience acceleration of the ascension process with momentum shifts
and breakthroughs of your Divine Power. This trend will be especially
experienced during and around the times of cosmic alignments, solstice,
eclipses, and solar flares. 13

Star gates, dimensions doorways and momentum shifts 13

star gates, dimensions doorways and momentum shifts may look and take
different forms. We wish to reassure you that you are not going crazy,
going backwards in your ascension process and evolution. It will look
and feel different perhaps everyday, for the energy is becoming more
mutable, not stagnant; it is what it means to be in the flow and in
divine alignment. You will continue to experience and increase your
divine power and oneness with Source. 22

Your stability is not in the structures, systems, and religions of your
old world. There is a new stability, a divine power where miracles are a
constant occurrence that is not shakable or subject to fluctuations of
material riches, politics, governments and currency. It is your true
divine power that comes from Source, that is oneness, an essence of
being, it is who you truly are, and it is the New Earth of 5D, the
ascension. It is love, light and truth.

It is how your indigenous
peoples lived, communing with the essence and energies of the day,
combined with how the ancient Egyptians, Atlanteans and Lemurians lived
at the height of their golden ages. 33

Experiencing the star gates, higher realms, and 9th dimension

in experiencing, seeing and communing with orbs, streaks and forms of
light, other worldly beings, angels, saints, masters and UFOs

in Crop Circles interest, more channeled information, activations and
awakening by experiencing or seeing them. Many will be drawn to the
sacred geometry through crop circles and will work with the beings that
are creating them and co-create them together. This merging and working
with these beings and dimensions in creating the Crop Circles has
already begun.

Greater messages in your dreams and greater ability to work with them

Waking up in the middle of the night

up in the middle of the night many times – most likely it is the
electromagnetic energy fluctuation that occurs when the star gates,
realms and dimensions doorways open and activate

Waking up in the
middle of the night where you see other worldly beings, dimensions,
extraterrestrials, and people from different time periods. 11:11

Waking up in the middle of the night feeling hot or with anxiety 444

you raise your frequency there will be , alignments,
working and releasing excess energies, that are best done when you are
resting, that can wake you up. Do not go into the anxiety or negativity;
it may be that it’s the collective. With both hands touch your center
balance point of the body, a new “God Code Point being given to
humanity”, located 2 to 3 inches straight above your bellybutton,
breathe deeply and say, "All my energies are running forward, and I love
myself," until you feel a shift. Next, keeping one hand at the center
balance point, place the other at your 3rd eye, keep breathing deeply,
making an energetic connection until you feel a shift. End at heart
chakra. 44

Higher realm multidimensional
downloads – where you receive information, insights, wisdom through a
complete multidimensional full sensory awareness. It is complete in your
beingness where you do not need time to process or integrate. You
instantly retain the higher information where it becomes alive and a
part of you.

You may see, hear or experience alternate realties being played out in front of you.

Working with the alternate realties with faster and greater manifestation of your cherished dreams.

dimensional time space displacement – this could create bumbling into
walls, stubbing your toe, being stung by insects, accidents, showing up
at the wrong time, forgetfulness. The more you can come into your body,
be centered, connecting with Gaia, Nature and being flexible, the more
you will create ease and stability where you flow with grace through
these transitions and shifts.

Dream hyper dimensional time space
encroachment – when your dream state and certain segments or an energy,
literally, comes into your 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional realities. What
is important is to pay more attention to your night dreams and
daydreams. 33

No-mind presence of being; in teaching,
communicating and living – like channeling, where you bring forth the
frequency of information right from the other realms and dimensions
without previous thought. You have not prepared your speech or, when
teaching, you allow it to come through at the time – spontaneously. This
space is where you are not always thinking of processes, you are just
being in the presence and rhythms of life. You will have more energy
when you first start using your higher mind and then commune with the
divine mind and into no-mind presence of being.

The 9 dimensions,
and the 9th dimension – you are given more information and access in
using these gateways which increases your multidimensional awareness and
healing abilities. Many hidden treasures in the 9th dimension are
waiting for you to find again.

The universe is now demanding that
you stand and be in your divine Powers, the new wholeness of being. In
actuality, it is you, from the depths of your true essence, telling you
by the signs and events of your life, through the Universe, that you are
ready to step though the gateway now. “11-11” “12-12” “10-10" and “13-33-333”