A friend passed this message

Celebrate the Cosmic Pause

Message received from the Meta-conscious Mind (or Cosmic mind beyond our galaxy)

Dear Beloveds

We have an incredibly good news for you! This Sunday a beam of light
from the core of the Meta-Galaxy will descend in your galaxy and beloved
planet to assist in the replenishment of the atoms of your galaxy and
planet and all within that chooses to accept this activation

This is part of the natural renewal cycle of the cosmos and the
will come to the planet with your participation or not but, what a
great opportunity to renew your own atoms weary of this long ascension

All that you need doing to receive this gift from Source is to
imagine a multicoloured 12 pointed starburst in your pineal gland, you
may see one layer or many inbuilt layers of these petals, you may see it
just in black and white or if you don’t see it you may sense it that is
OK too. Once you have imagined the starburst in your pineal gland have
the intention to send it to the core of the planet where there is a
crystal, pass the crystal and you will find a pool of Krystaline
sparkling waters, speak in your mind your intention to receive the
activation and place your starburst there for a moment, absorbing the
pale silver blue energies that are on offer for your rejuvenation

Breathe in your starburst filled with the living waters of the pool
of the aurora to an area around your thymus gland in between your collar
bone and feel the sparkling energy permeating all of your being and
feel the joy of being reconnected with your original blue print! You may
feel a pillar of coloured light around you filled with Kryst spirals

This is a celebration in which the whole of the Milky Way and beyond will be participating, it is a time of joyful cosmic pause

We hope you enjoy our sharing and bid you fond farewell until the next time

Stepped down by ShA Sha

Lots of love Andromeda