You’re not likely to see it happening when you drive to work, unless there is an accident or traffic jam that has you leaving your trusted automobile, or if you are one of the rare few who pick up hitchhikers. That’s why I love the train: sure, the crowd in there is no better than the crowd out here, sitting down opposite you without as much as a hello, but there are these rare beings and moments that  work together to create something beautiful……

Before you start hollering: NO! I did NOT just encounter Miss Right on the train home. But the event was actually just as joyful, and an absolute God-given opportunity. When the train arrived, the balcony was packed with youngsters who occupied so much of the stairs to the lower floor, that I had to be extra cautious not to step on some toes. But  at the same time I could see quite a few empty chairs in the compartment behind the glass doors.

Carefully avoiding the ladies on the stairs, I went in and sat down opposite a young man, wondering out loud why nobody had taken those seats. He agreed, and the ice was broken. Patrick turned out to be a professional poker player, en route to a tournament in . And the two of us meeting was not quite planned, but the result of the fact that his plane had to be rebooked to depart from instead of . If that hadn’t happened, I  doubt we ever would have met.

That was twice in about just as many weeks, that the Angels sent me someone sincerely interested in what I am doing. Other than that my life is challengly quiet, but I’ve gotten used to that over time. And what was the special thing about this encounter? Not the stuff we talked about, for it isn’t really earthshaking to know how he found out that playing poker gave him much more joy and a lot more cash than a dreary economy job, or the story of where and how I got the inspiration for my novels. No, the real magic was something intangible, the feeling that no matter what was said, the link between us proved to be steady as a rock, with no tremors upsetting both our mindsets.

It  was like discernment had been put to sleep, simply because it was not needed! Way too soon, the two trains we rode together arrived at their respective destinations. Of course we exchanged E-mail addresses, but you know from experience that such a last ditch effort usually does not pay off. On the other hand, if you don’t, and you  are destined to meet again, then there is no  force in this Cosmos that can or will prevent it!

Love  your Mystery Encounters,