Owen Waters


Nature is a constant reminder of the principle of abundance.

Nature routinely produces more than it needs, thousands of times over.
Rather than producing one acorn to a replacement oak tree, a mature
oak will produce up to 50,000 acorns in a good year, and the tree will
keep producing for hundreds of years.

That is the natural way.

Plants produce thousands of seeds in order to guarantee the survival
of their species.

That is the natural way.

Palm trees
thousands of seeds
per year

When Infinite the universe, did it stop there? Not
at all, it created an infinite number of universes so that all
of existence could be experienced.

That is the infinite way.

Limited thinking makes people
believe that resources are limited, that there is only “so much”
available. While this appears to be at the time, it ignores the
fact that you can create new abundance in many ways.

Did the number of horses in the 19th Century limit how easily people
can travel today? Not at all. The car was invented, along with today’s
200-horsepower engines.

Did the cost of a large business computer in 1970 limit how much computing
power we have today? Not at all. The personal computer changed all that.
Today, home computers are more powerful than the largest business computers
were in 1970.

Trip to Mars?

Did the cost of flying into outer space in the 1960s limit people’s
ability to go on tourist trips to Mars today? Well, okay… a
more work needs to be done on that one!

Since nature is so abundant, how can people tap into that abundance
and create it in their own lives? It certainly doesn’t happen
by making loud demands at a conscious level, or just by wishing, wanting,
or hoping. It is human consciousness which creates lack, and it is also
human consciousness which creates abundance.

The realization that abundance is a natural state actually allows
abundance to flow into your life.

Natural abundance comes from “getting into the flow,” from
either getting excited about what you are doing, or by doing
new that is exciting.

Your Inner Joy

“Follow your inner joy” may sound like an overused cliché,
but it is actually the key to abundance. Once you follow your excitement
and find work that you love, then synchronicity starts to flow. Synchronicity
is nature’s way of telling you that you’re on the right
track, the natural track.

Synchronicity is a flow of events where everything clicks into place
to support your efforts. It bring you opportunities, people, events
and circumstances exactly when and where they need to be. This all happens
because your efforts are harmonious. The universe is naturally harmonious.
It has to be that way, in order to function successfully. Harmony is
balance, while is a dysfunction that makes a system fall
apart. The universe will naturally support your efforts when they are
in harmony, or “in the flow.”

What do you need to do to achieve this natural state of harmony, synchronicity
and abundant flow? Here is the key question.

Ask yourself, “What is the most exciting thing that I could possibly
be doing right now to enhance my long-term, inner joy?”

The state of regular, conscious thinking often contains self-limiting
‘filters’ like fear, skepticism or lack of self-esteem. So, for
most and imaginative results, ask the above question near
the end of a deep, 20-minute meditation session. That way, your inner
can come forward into your consciousness without being filtered.

Then, find a way to do that most exciting possibility. And when you
have finished doing that, ask yourself the same question again. Usually,
the answer will be something in the same direction as your first act,
although not always.

Inner joy is your barometer of natural flow. Use it to determine what
action is the most important in developing your experience of life.
Find ways to dissolve self-limiting barriers so that you can act upon
that inner joy.

To follow your inner joy is to live holistically because you are acting
with more of your complete self. It lightens up your spirit, allowing
you to function at a higher frequency of consciousness.

If you are considering a career , practical considerations do
need to be considered. Will pursuing your inner joy earn you an adequate
living? If you need to learn an entirely new skill, often the learning
phase has to be a part-time endeavor while you earn a living using your
existing skills.

The great thing about doing work you love is that everyone can sense
the living joy within you. Employers want you to work for them. Customers
seek you out, based upon -of-mouth recommendations. Larger companies
want to buy your prosperous business for an amount that’s large
enough for you to retire. But then, why would you sell out when you’re
having so much fun?

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of

"The Shift: The
Revolution in Human Consciousness"

and the
Infinite Being Insight E-Books