Channeler: Carolyn Thompson

There is a great myth floating around. It is this very myth that is
creating the opposite of what so many Lightworkers think they are
creating. This myth has become the very reason why many people do not
think they have to work hard. Its moves people to distractions rather
than interactions within their own soul.

In our world of time and space, we rely on time lines. We research
and look for the timing of things in order to organize out lives. Yet it
is in timing that we have been deceived and in that it will cost many
their spiritual aspirations to ascend and be in body during one to the
most special timelines of our lives.

The deception is that there would be a during 2012,
whatever the date. The leading experts say that we have until Dec. 21,
2012 to complete our own internal resurrection of all the goodness and
to let go of the false selves and beliefs that just regenerate the old
and painful world of 3D/4D. Yet that is the myth, the one assisting
delays in so many on the path.

We do not have that luxury of time. The original date in the Mayan
Long Calendar states that October 2011 is the end of these wonderful
shift and waves of upgrading will stop. This is the very reason
why we all incarnated in to this life&;to surf the waves, to upgrade in
the fastest way the universe allows. It is this very timeline that
people are missing due to mixed messages. Yet that is it. We have not
much time left to work on self and make ascensions or mass ascensions.
It is not a guaranteed affair. It is a timed affair and Earth is the
time keeper.

Yet even if the masses do not make it, they have already been doing
some ascending to a higher form of consciousness. Not all is lost. Yet
the collective goal will not be met unless people start to realize that
there are many more shifts of energy; entering our Earth
and propelling us forward yet that cosmic dispensation does have an
ending date. From that point on, people can still make ascension, yet it
is the group or mass ascension that is forfeited.

Depending upon your own spiritual growth you will keep ascending in
consciousness after Oct. 2011, but at a much different pace. The time
period to the other date of Dec. 2012 is not that important other than
many people now expect something miraculous and when that does not
happen, people will descend in to despair and get trapped in the dark
world of the controllers.

Mark your calendars and keep moving forward. We have the help of all
of the heavenly hosts, angels, ascended masters and many off-planet
entities. It is time to take your path seriously and to listen within to
your personal guidance system. It is all there and it is all ready to
activate. But it takes focus and work on your part. It takes self love
in a new way. It expresses itself in service to others.

Self love is the armor to keep you for falling for the deceptive
messages that take our timing and make it sound like a vacation, an
extended vacation. It is not. It is the largest group effort to jump in
to a new way of living, fully, abundantly, equitably, ethically and all
of it creates happiness for all.
Set your calendar in order and let’s continue with our dream of a world
of peace and freedom. Get in to your heart and let go of the dramas that
make you want to fight polarity. Practice trying to find both sides of
the story is you feel pulled in to dramas. Ponder on what is the other
side feeling, thinking and causing them to act like they do. For mastery
and a completed personal ascension means seeing both polarities in a
neutral way. Why not strive for that now. This also moves you to love
all people, on both sides. We can have it all if enough Lightworkers go
the distance.

~ Carolyn Thompson