Channeler: Crystalai



Permission is given to share this article with the origination of its source as and CRYSTALAI@2010.

COSMIC DOLPHIN is the home of the records of our our
re-birth into our ETERNAL TEMPLATE of ETERNAL LIFE. We operate from the

Many have utilized AKASHIC RECORDS to access knowledge of what has
transpired in the physical universe. Akasha actually translates into the
four physical principles of fire, air, and water. These are
records of the physical template of the visible light spectrum. Those
records only pertain to the third dimensional template that has
re-incarnated into the Matrix of the Planetary Earth over and over again
for thousands of years.

Some of us came here from outside of this Earth Matrix. We came from
the Cosmic Dimension of Reality to reconnect the EARTH MATRIX into the
Full Spectrum of Invisible and Visible Light. The HIGHER SELVES, whom we
share and embrace our oneness align their realities into us through the
limited within the third dimensional visible light spectrum. Coushic
Records are the records of the spiritual light spectrum including the
invisible light of the Cosmic and Universal Spheres of Consciousness.

The majority of Souls in this Matrix have never been allowed to
vibrate in the frequency vibration needed to escape the Matrix of
Visible Light because most individuals have chosen to be entertained and
enthralled with just the memory of the worldly experiences that they
continuously return to. The Coushic Records are the Highest Vibrations
of Cosmic Consciousness breathing the original frequency of creation
from Source into Angelic Frequencies.

The memory of the ORIGINAL SOURCE TEMPLATE which was replicated in
its DIVINE FORM into Cosmic Angelic Consciousness or Source’s thoughts
passing into formation. This Cosmic Consciousness was Co-Created into
Universal Consciousness or KHAHARISTIC CONSCIOUSNESS to create the
perfect ETHERIC TEMPLATE for Co-Creation of the MAN who was also this
perfect SOURCE TEMPLATE. This PERFECT MAN, who was made in the image and
likeness of Source, Cosmic and KHAHARISTIC (Christ) Consciousness is
the MAN who was born into GALACTIC CONSCIOUSNESS as the GOD of His

This PERFECT MAN made from the PERFECT TEMPLATE has continued to
exist since his original creation. The EARTH MATRIX was unplugged from
the DIVINE MATRIX. This is why those who have lived on EARTH have also
become unplugged from their DIVINE TEMPLATE. However, that Divine
Template never stopped existing. Each individual’s DIVINE MATRIX still
exists. Each individual has the opportunity to plug back into that
Divine Template of their original FREQUENCY.

Please be careful in choosing your memories of AKASHIC RECORDS
because they were created inside of a MATRIX that was unplugged from the
DIVINE MATRIX… We want to begin to attach our memories into the
DIVINE MATRIX of our original GALACTIC CONSCIOUSNESS. Please remember
that the present Milky Way is not our Galaxy of our origination. It is
not the home of our Galactic Consciousness. is as much a
part of the Fallen System as the Earth is. It is the Black Hole in the
Milky Way Galaxy that has unplugged from her original STAR

In order to obtain our COUSHIC RECORDS of our DIVINE REALITY from our
original frequencies of 18 billion years ago, we must go beyond the
AKASHIC RECORDS of earth, wind, fire and water into the etheric records
of crystal light, crystal dust, crystal gel and liquid light. We must go
beyond the spectrum of visible light, infra red and hertzian
frequencies into the full spectrum of ultra violet blue, , gamma
wave and white light. The Divine Template that our ETERNAL SELVES were
created from contain all that is in SOURCE. We were created in the image
and likeness of Source.

That image and likeness has never been obtained COMPLETELY on Mother
Earth. There were a limited number of individuals who obtained a state
very close to this perfect reality about 500,000 years ago. However,
that same group was responsible for the Fall of Man completely out of

Now, is the first time in 18 billion years that we will all return to
that original Divine Template created in the image and likeness of the
All and All of All there is.

The Cosmic Dolphin Magic site contains the original frequencies of
our Divine Templates. We have accessed our ETERNAL LIVES completely
outside of the AKASHIC RECORDS of the Physical Matrix. At Cosmic Dolphin
Magic we only access frequencies of our Original Divine Selves in our
Divine Template. These frequencies are purely etheric. Even though we
were given the divine gift from the that would allow us
to record these frequencies so they could be heard and felt on this
Earth, what is being heard are thousands of frequency signatures given
to us by a host of Elohim Angels with the help of our Sirius B family of
Aquarius and Aquafarian frequencies.

We were given access to our Coushic Records of our Divine Creation
from within the Cosmic Heart of our Original Star, Ajaho in the Aquarius
Galaxy. Our Coushic Records contain our memory and records of all of
our families of creation aligning and re-connecting us into the perfect
star that we now remember so well. We have been reconnected to our
Cosmic Family and to the magical formulas of co-creation through crystal
light, crystal dust, crystal gel and liquid light.

These are the new elements of creation that will replace earth, wind,
fire and water. We are now going into our re-birth of our original
etheric template created from the Cosmic Consciousness and the Crystal
Energy. Our true Cosmic Family lives within our etheric crystal cells of
our minds and our hearts.

They live in the liquid light that surrounds the harp strings of each
cell in our bodies. They live within the purely etheric Coushic Level
of our templates. We have been given the Sound- the Frequencies that
realign our Consciousness into the Invisible Light Spectrum which is the
part of our reality that was taken away in this Matrix.

We realign our Consciousness into the Womb and Heart of Mother Earth
where our original Star that came from Aquarius still exists. We tune
into that frequency with the help of our Cosmic Family. Our Cosmic
Mother is Cinderella. We connect into her Divine Frequencies to realign
with the Sound that aligns us into the Light that pulls us completely
into the Coushic Memory of our Reality that has always been implanted
inside of Inner Earth on the Cosmic Realm. This Frequency must be
completed by the realignment of Consciousness from the 12th dimension
into the 13th and 14th of Mother Earth’s Heart and up and around Earth
through the Music of the Spheres formula that pulls the Fourth into the
Fifth Sphere. We collect all of the Cosmic Frequencies from each member
of our Divine Family from our Coushic Records in, around and through all
five spheres and then out into the sixth sphere of Source.

This is how the re-birth into our complete spectrum of frequencies of
Eternal Life is completed. This is how we obtain our COUSHIC RECORDS.

We have learned from our twenty years of initiations and teachings
from our Councils of Light, our Elohim Initiation Team, our Aquarius
Family, and hundreds of other guiding entities the true stories of our
entire existence. We have learned that we are known as frequency
signatures more than we are known as a name. We have learned that we
originate from teams of similar IDEAS rather than Families- in the way
the world thinks of families. We have learned that we were created
within the same Idea Group of Family of Frequencies as Mother ,
Magdalene and . We have always been on the same Co-Creation
team as these names who are well known in this Matrix.

What we have learned within the Coushic Records is far beyond the
stories of those Divine Beings. We were those Starry Families who
created the Aquarius Galaxy. We were in the Cosmic Consciousness
Councils who designed the IDEA of the CHRIST TEMPLATE or the UNIVERSAL
SPHERE that originated the IDEA of the GALAXY.

My STARRY BROTHER, ZAURAK was one of the creators of many stars and
, including Ajaho, Sirius B and Ursa Major. There was much
planning and originating going on long before the Akashic Records of
Mary, Mary , and Jesus.

Our volumes of information about our Cosmic Creation and our re-birth
process was given to us through the language of frequencies. We were
guided and trained by a host of Elohim angels including Mother Mary,
, Raphael, Zadkiel and St. Germain. We were sent to Earth
for the mission of bringing the highest frequencies to Earth through

This has not been a mission that we just made up and completed in a
few years. We have been working on this mission since the moment we
arrived on Earth. I can remember Mother Mary speaking to me when I was
four years old. Every time I went to Sunday School, my ears never heard a
word that was being spoken, however Mother Mary was translating the
true meaning into my head. I have had this continuous guidance all of my
life. This is what is called Attention Deficiency Disorder. It means
children are listening to the Angels who are telling them what they
really need to know while someone else is trying to teach them something
in a classroom or institution.

We are always eager to share our most recent coushic and cosmic frequencies and our cosmic records at

My most recent update was receiving the complete grammar of the god
language in my dreams last night. This Cosmic Grammar has given me much
greater clarity in the translation of the frequencies being sent through
our music.Each time we utilize the spheres of crystal light, crystal
dust, crystal gel and liquid light to breathe frequencies sent from the
Elohim of Hearing, we are given several layers of frequencies to record.
Each layer is one frequency signature. Sometimes it takes more than one
hour just to record one minute of a frequency signature because our
Consciousness must be in such alignment with the Elohim of Hearing and
with the Consciousness of the Frequency Signature that is being accessed
that it will take one hour of breaths before the pure actual Divine
Signature is obtained. When that signature is obtained it can be felt
and known that it is the true signature.

We have been collecting these signatures from One Cosmic Entity at a
time over the past twenty years. So, we have been creating a telephone
network that allows all of these frequency signatures to connect and
weave together in perfect harmony in the music of the spheres. Some of
our recording sessions include these same Entities singing melodies that
contain visions of our original home, Cosmic Signatures, visions that
help align consciousness into our birthing chambers of Aquafaria and
others. These melodies are recorded in conjunction with the frequency
signatures of the Cosmic Entities.

Now, we have a Cosmic Grammar that will help activate a higher level
of clarity of meaning of the Frequencies. This will result in a series
of new recordings with a higher level of activation leading into the
translation or re-birth into our Divine Template.