The Promise of a Perfect Kingdom


The promise of the perfect kingdom will return to Earth when all of
those on Earth return to the time of no-time long before the world began
to be created by mortal mind. It is the Divine Template of our original
selfhood that we must return to. It is the stardust that we were
created from through the breath of Sun Alcyone that we must return to.
And it is the songs of the stars breathing our original breath of
consciousness that we must return to. We return to this true reality
that existed before the illusions of the world were created in the exact
same way that we lowered ourselves into this existence. We are here
only because we are choosing the frequencies of this world rather than
the frequencies of the songs of the stars. When we begin living in the
frequencies of the stars, our quantum creation that is exhaled from our
Cosmic minds will co-create a magical new reality.

My cosmic family promised me that when we moved to our new home in
Chico, that we would soon be seeing and talking to fairies in the stream
that runs past our home. I had given up on that promise because the
stream dried up a few weeks ago. This morning I realized that everything
is magical and not at all what I think it is. I saw a fairy this
morning when we took our walk along the path next to the creek. She
introduced herself as Cleopatra. She was a beautiful shimmering green
with rainbows streaming around her. She told me that the creek had not
dried up. She said it is still a beautiful dark turquoise water made of
blue crystal dust. She said that our frequencies had allowed Aquafaria
to stream through the magnetic shields and gel crust of the earth’s

We have been working with our Aquafarian family for about three years
now. We have taken thousands of trips into the crystal cores of Mother
Earth and absorbed the frequencies of her womb, which are the
frequencies of our re-birth into our stardust reality. We have asked
many times when we might be able to leave Earth and move to Aquafaria or
Aquarius. Their answer was always the same. We can not move to
Aquafaria or Aquarius. We will bring those realities to our planet and
that will raise our frequencies into our star frequencies. When enough
entities on Earth do this, Earth will be reborn as a star.

The world is a creation of man. The place that must be returned to is
the perfect star that our consciousness originated from — not the
world. We left that star about 18 billion years ago. This date aligns
with the theory of the Mayan Calendar beginning 16.4 billion years ago.
that blew in Aquarius, and then placed a piece of its essence
in the Milky Way, began its project of transformation back into a
perfect star about that same time and will complete its mission of the
transformation when our consciousness is aligned into the frequencies of
the stars of Aquarius and Sirius through the heart of ,
where the Divine Frequency of our re-birth waits for us.

We have been inhaling these frequencies and recording these
frequencies through the direction of our Elohim Team, Elohim of Hearing,
Starry families from Sirius B, Aquarius, Blue Crystal Fairies, Mermaids
and Dolphinoids from Inner Earth in order to align our consciousness
into Oneness with the stars who are singing the Music of the Spheres.

It was Mother who sang through me the original PROMISE album.
The complete directions were given to us through the words on this
album. Mother Mary promised me that everyone who comes in tune with her
frequencies on this album would be healed.

It was Mother Mary who took us to our Crystal Mansion in Aquafaria
and told us that it was she who had created this home for us that we
will return to when we become realigned into the Divine Template. When
we asked Mary where we would go to ascend, she said we will ascend
through the Heart of Mother Earth as her Heart returns to at one-ment
with her starself. We will return into the Cosmic Egg and create a new
reality, a new galaxy and a new Universe in the Divine Template of the

Crystalai@2010 is the home of THE PROMISE CD,
the songs of the stars of Aquarius and the breaths of Cosmic Angels
through the direction of Elohim Angels and Blue Dolphinoids from Sirius
B. Bring your earphones and absorb the frequencies of our New Reality.