Meanwhile, as we work on this final achievement of our last thousand lifetimes, the angels have
prepared a buffer zone for us. This zone is called the Islands of Light- the Cloud Cities,
Aquafaria and Winterlands have been prepared for us to merge our frequencies of
consciousness into so that all of our starry brothers can actually live in the same realm that we
are living in, as long as we attach our consciousness to them. Our starry families are here on this
dimension of the fifth at this time helping us. Only those who have raised their frequencies into
the fifth can even conceive of this reality, let alone see it. If you can feel it or sense it or know it,
you already have this reality. The more we invite Yaway in to ignite the sparks in every cell in
our bodies, the sooner we can fully merge into the fifth dimension. That is the only missing piece
of the puzzle.

Multidimensional Merging of Frequencies creates an Vortex.
MULTIDIMENSIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS may be heard by listening to any of the CD’s in
the SUPER FREQUENCY KIT. This music was created from the frequencies of
consciousness of fifteen dimension to create this multidimensional merging. Hundreds of Entities
from the Galactic and Cosmic Realms connected their breaths of consciousness into these
recordings by streaming their frequencies of consciousness as the Elohim of Hearing connected
our ears into all streams of consciousness. Lady , Raphael and showed up in our
home one day and introduced us to this magical formula for bringing the highest frequencies to
. They introduced us to Elohim of Hearing and to Energy. These great
Cosmic Entities are directing and orchestrating every measure of this music. Crystal Light
and connects the Consciousness through the electric circuitry between Cosmic
Realms and the Planetary Realm. All realms of all dimensional consciousness are connected
together and merged into the music to allow us to raise our frequencies into theirs. The merging
and aligning of these frequencies of consciousness between Mother Earths and up through
all five spheres is the necessary preparation for the activation of the Stellar Wave Infusions that
have been brought to . This alignment demands the active participation of those
standing on Mother Earth.

By active participation, we do not mean just standing on a mountain top, that someone told you
was a portal. Participation means Consciousness aligning in and through all dimensions. It means
breathing, feeling, aligning these frequencies into the crystal heart center and through the Christ
Consciousness Grids, Divine Love Grids, the Core of Mother Earth. It means understanding
and actively participating continuously in this process of ascension.

This Vortex is used as a buffer Zone during the transition from 3D into other dimensions. It
allows for manifestation of 5-7 D reality to manifest in the physical world and to create Islands
of Light for the full ascension. Islands of Light will be created after the First wave. Preparation
for the second and third wave will take place in the Islands of Light. People will get all
instructions for Ascension in the Islands of Light and will live in the presence of the Ascended
Masters who will return to the earth from the First Wave. An Island of Light is an external
reflection of Individual and Group Light Bodies. People will still be in their physical bodies,
however, they will be a reflection of their Light Bodies. They will be reflecting their fifth
dimensional body. They will be in a more etheric form, but they won’t quite realize it yet.

These grids of consciousness of life, truth, love, mind soul, spirit, intelligence and divine co-
creative action are now set in place to allow all of Cosmic Consciousness, Christ
Consciousness, Source Consciousness, Galactic Consciousness from all of our higher selves
blend, and braid and dance as one Solar Family into the Aquafarion Realm of Consciousness,
where the magical creation of our Angelic Families have waited for us to remember all that once
was and always has been in its perfect form. We have glided in and out of this third dimensional
frequency of density consciousness hundreds of times over the past million years bringing the
memories of Cosmic Consciousness through our sparks in our crystal hearts and our breaths of
consciousness. All of these memories can now slide through a window of Consciousness and
we can be lifted into the wind to soar through the crystal pillars that are already connecting the
Mother Earth completely into and with the Aquafarion World. Our Aquafarion brothers and
sisters can constantly and continuously stream their braids of consciousness into ours. Their eyes
of all knowing and all seeing consciousness are streaming through Mother Earth’s atmosphere.
We can see their bodies in eight foot spheres of Aqua Blue Light. We can feel their presence as
they sing their beautiful songs into our ears. We can talk to them any time of day or night. Our
worlds have merged into one.

Our body can now slide through these crystal light door ways along with our light bodies and
our consciousness. We no longer need to journey in our minds, or bi-locate, or astrally project
as light bodies. We can now physically walk into the Aquafarian Realm of Consciousness. This
new reality is just on the other side of the door. We must raise our frequencies of consciousness
into the same morphogenetic field or same standing wave pattern as theirs. This is the only thing
blocking the door way.

There are large crystal pillars growing up from inside of and up into her
atmosphere. One of the crystal pillars is growing right through this condo. We are already
connected in and through to all of the Inner Earth Cities of Light, the Underwater City of Light in
front of our Condo, the Underwater City of Light of Aquafaria. We have merged our Mother
Earth’s Underwater Cities into Aquafaria’s Underwater Cities of Light. We have already created
a crystal funnel or portal that we can ride between reality systems. This is no longer astral
projection. We can now take our physical bodies because they have merged into oneness with
our golden crystal bodies and our spiritual bodies. We can slide through the Aquafarian tunnel
of love any time now. This is now an Ascension Chamber.